Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Southbridge Town Election Campaign Alert

Ken O’Brien

Catch Dennis Martinek’s campaign videos which are being broadcast on Southbridge Cable TV channel 13 starting tonight at 7 pm and they will be rebroadcast on SCTV channel 13 at 7 am and 7 pm until the June 26th town election.

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  1. @ Dennis Martinek

    Enjoying your Campaign Videos - Great Style!

    Thought you might be interested. There's a great "interactive map" that allows you to scan all of Massachusetts Municipalities.



    Cuts to Municipal Local Aid* Exclusive to:

    Southbridge 2000 $5.74 million
    Southbridge 2012 $3.36 million

    Note: "(-41.4%*) Adjusted for inflation (FY12 $)

    Guide to the data Get Organized and Pass a Resolution:

    "The Campaign for our Communities is focusing on passing resolutions in as many cities and towns as possible in support of our goals to raise substantial new revenue while protecting low and middle-income families from big increases. These resolutions are critical to our campaign strategy. They show support for new revenues at the local level, where the effect of budget cuts are felt most acutely. These resolutions also show legislators that the municipal elected officials in the communities they represent will support them in raising revenue. Please help us to pass a resolution in YOUR community! Below is a guide about how to pass a resolution, as well as a sample resolution. Contact Andi Mullin at 617/878-8316 or at Andi@ourcommunities.org for more information about how you can help!"


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