Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Photo-'Toons 1.10

UPDATE: June 25, 10:30 am - A late addition by contributor I.M.Townie.

Well, for the residents of Southbridge, it’s all over except for the yawning and recriminations.

On balance the campaign for the key elective offices has been not inspirational, but rather (if I might coin a word) dispirational.

There are enough candidates about who I am enthusiastic enough to have recommended to the voters.

The long and winding road that has led us here was documented in a retrospective of prior Photo-‘Toons.

Above all, I urge all qualified voters to turn out on Tuesday to vote your conscience. If you are silent now you really have no right to complain until next June.

Given that less-than-enthusiastic preface, let’s turn to what I must admit is this week’s meager offerings.

Contributed By I.M.Townie


  1. Picking on Butch is going too far. Many of us worship the quicksand he walks on.

  2. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, when the election is over, Jack will be sitting on that candle stick.

  3. Why does everyone involved in Southbridge politics who has a mustache have a 1970's porn star mustache?


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