Friday, June 15, 2012

Video - DPW Subcommittee June 12 - A Tale of Two Backhoes

Courtesy of Amelia Peloquin

A Paul Zotos Film


  1. I ask anyone on the Council who may read this blog to have the courage to answer my question. If not you are a coward, undeserving of leadership.

    What ideas do you have to foster business opportunity in the town and how will you change the way you spend money from favor spending to actual needs-based spending? By the way, a business park and family center are off the table.

    1. You hide behind a pseudonym and you have the audacity to call people cowards if they don't answer your question? You've got some nerve for someone with no nerve (i.e. courage to put your name).

    2. Dave 2 (too, also)!June 15, 2012 at 8:32 PM

      Dave is right on his point, but--having said that Dave, would you not agree that IQ has a valid question? If they cannot present their ideas then one can only draw from that that they have none. That is the bigger point.

  2. where i'm from....we maintain our tractors and fix them when they are broke because money was always tight. i don't understand this town....times are hard, FIX and take care of your equipment. i ran an 8 acre farm with a 1949 9N Frod tractor.....and they are talking like a 25 year old tractor is the worst thing in the world. if they don't want the 25 year old backhoe....give it to the folks hit by the tornado, i'm sure they would be thrilled to have equipment to remove those enormous tree piles.

  3. Why is the Town's "Gift Wrapping Dept." sending this "Beautiful Looking" Backhoe it up to Trash Mountain?

  4. get rid of the backHOES!June 15, 2012 at 11:28 PM

    If they bought two backhoes one week apart why is one $5000.00 more than the other? Is it that one has a better paint job ,cd radio, air conditioning, air ride ,or sharper teeth on the buckets? THEY DONT NEED NEW BACKHOES we have two full time mechanics at the dpw for what? I guess the dont know how to repack cylinders that leak and creep, Get rid of them we wont need them if all are equipment is being replaced with new!This shows that this leadership is a rubber stamp for these out of town dept heads. Wake up Southbridge


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