Friday, June 15, 2012

Why Clark Won’t Reappoint Bernadone

Ken O’Brien

Several months ago town manager Christopher Clark informed Rinaldo Bernadone that he would not be reappointing him to either the Board of Health or the Liquor Licensing Board.

On Thursday, June 14, Clark went on record in the Worcester Telegram giving his reasons.

In an article titled “Southbridge town manager says he won’t reappoint health, liquor board member it is reported  “Mr. Clark said one of the basic standards for serving on a town board or committee is having an open mind and being fair.” 

The article goes on to state:

“I have not seen any of that from him,” Mr. Clark said.

Specifically, Mr. Bernardone was too lenient in his handling of dormant liquor licenses, Mr. Clark said. Also, Mr. Bernardone and a former health board member wanted the town to spend thousands of dollars on a Supreme Court case regarding the landfill, and their argument went nowhere in court, the manager said.

On a related note, a ballot question on proposed changes to the town charter will ask voters if they want the Board of Health to be a three- or five-member board. It is headed for the November election. Officials tried to include the question on the townwide annual election on June 26. But the legislative request did not make it through the state Senate in time, Mr. Clark said.

The article concludes:

Mr. Clark said he will not seek to replace Mr. Bernardone on the Board of Health, because if he did, and voters decide in November that they want a three-member board, he would have to remove a member.

The move is sure to reignite critics of the manager who had accused him of trying to stack the board with proponents of landfill operator Casella Waste Systems Inc., which converted the landfill from depositing mostly construction waste to a facility that deposits household waste. Mr. Bernardone voted against the plan.


  1. He wants someone that is "fair" and has an "open mind"? Hardly. He wants yes men/women who go along with all his plans, no matter what the consequences for the residents in this town will be. Because of Clark, I can not drink my tap water anymore. Mr. Bernadone was looking out for the health of the people that actually live in this town. Clark has to go... Maybe Sturbridge has a job for him, although they would probably be too smart there to hire this loser.

  2. I think this smacks of Denise Clemence and she is pulling the puppets strings. Clark will move whichever way she pulls his strings, Clark is a spineless sad excuse for a man with no backbone he does need to go along with the incumbents. This out of towner is a slimball and not wanted here anymore get the hint you worm!

  3. It is good to see the town is in agreement GET RID OF THESE LOSERS. Let's be real his actions is a definate stgn of stacking, plus i have a dare for Clark.. Drink a 12oz glass of tap water everyday for the time you are in office and let's see if you get sick. You say it's ok so step up to the plate and show me.

    1. That's why they spend money for bottled water in te Town Hall.

  4. Did everyone else notice the Spinelli and Clemence signs on DPW employee lawns? No wonder. They're also on the retired fire chief's lawn too. If Danny Boy lived in town they'd be on his too I'm sure.

  5. Hey Dave does it really matter were signs are located maybe they support Spinelli and Clemence. That's what is great about this country you can support who you want. Just because you don't support Spinelli and Clemence doesn't mean everyone has to follow. For me its going to be Martinek and I am leaning towards Moriarty and I am not sure who else..But I wont vote for Steve Lazo buts its not saying he's bad just I feel its time for a change.


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