Sunday, June 17, 2012

Worcester Telegram: Clark Criticized Over Access Road

Ken O’Brien

In a late-posted article in today’s Worcester Telegram, Brian Lee reported on criticisms leveled at Southbridge town manager Christopher Clark.

Specifically former town council chairman Steven Lazo and local resident Dennis Martinek criticized Clark’s recent admission (at just over the one hour point in the video) that the much touted access road does not really provide access to the bulk of the property that has been promoted as the site for an industrial park.

Both Mr. Lazo and Mr. Martinek are candidates for the Southbridge town council in the upcoming June 26th town election.

The Telegram article by Brian Lee follows.


  1. A few interesting things with all these new questionable land deals and potential construction are: The Clemence family have been buying up land in those areas and The Cherninsky couple (when will they go away?) have created a new excavation company. All on paper of course. Oh, and dont Mrs. nikolla's relatives own all that United Lens land?

    What does it all mean.

    The carpetbaggers and vultures are finally going in for their share.

    1. If what you are saying is true, then I would say it's definitely time for change with the TC. That's the problem with government those in the seats(not just Southbridge) are the one's making the money...Not the average Joe's

  2. We're never going to get past our reputation as the Garbage Dump of the Commonwealth if we keep expanding that landfill. I would fully expect a long, ugly, divisive brawl if that proposal moves forward.


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