Friday, July 6, 2012

A shameless plug

Ken O'Brien

I’m not going into business creating my own list like Angie or Craig.

But, when you find a local tradesman you’re happy with, then I think they deserve a plug.

For the first time since I moved back to town I found myself in need of a plumber.

I called a couple of friends and got a referral to a gentleman by the name of Shawn Sandgren.

He came over quickly, evaluated the situation and came back a day later and fixed the problem at a very reasonable price.

Consequently I am taking a moment to recommend to any of you who may find themselves in a similar situation to give Shawn a call at 508-764-0767 or 774-230-1901. Feel free to use my name.


  1. I have hired Shawn in the past and will hire him in the future, he is as stated above, a gentlemen, a good plumber and charges reasonable rates. I would recommend him as well!

    1. I plan to call Shawn shortly. Got several things in need of repair / replacement. Everything is long over due!


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