Friday, July 13, 2012

Southbridge Police Set To Issue “Letter Of Concern” Regarding Chief

At the end of May The O’Zone reported that the Southbridge Police union had taken what was initially termed a vote of “no confidence” in Police Chief Daniel Charette.

After a  month and a half of back and forth with their attorneys, the union is about to release what is being termed a “letter of concern”.

The letter is set to be issued to the town manager, the town council and local press outlets. 

Much of the delay revolved around the terminology to be used in criticizing the Chief’s management of the department. This resulted from the fact that while the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the motion to speak out against him, it was not unanimous.

It will be interesting to see how the town administration responds to this indication of dissatisfaction in the ranks of the department at all levels.


  1. Who give a flinging #@$#%$# what the union whats or thinks!
    He is their boss not the buddy. He might have made the mistake of making them get of the asses and layoff the donuts.

  2. The chickens are coming home to roost for Jabba the Chief, Valdemort the Principal and soon Gollum the town manager.

  3. Whiny cry-babies. I'm normally pro-union, but the "majority" of this union is now made up of Generation X and Y, commonly known as part of a generation called "Generation Me". "Personality surveys show increasing narcissism among this generation." (Wikipedia). Wait and see what the taxpayers of Southbridge think about their demands!

    1. If Anon 1202 had their head any further up Charette's butt, their hair would be tickling his tonsils. Kudos to these brave officers! Since when is unveiling the truth of this dirtbag whining? He has misused his position to garner favor with friends and family, while doing the bidding of his friends to go after people they don't like, and then punishing officers who won't go along with his dirty deeds (done dirt cheap). I usually don't agree with unions, but I couldn't be more proud of these officers than I am right now. Let's do the right thing and fire Barney Fife!

    2. Chief Whigham: spot on. The only thing I take exception to is the reference to Barney Fife. Fife may have been a bumbling incompetent, but he doesn't deserve to be compared to Charette. Charette couldn't fill Fife's shoes.

  4. The Chief FINALLY gets what he dishes out. It took guts for these officers to stand up to him. Why is the Monique crowd silent? I guess their silence means they don't back the Dinghui's over Charette. True colors shining.

  5. State Troopers should take over the town.


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