Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Photo-‘Toons 1.15

Well it’s been another interesting week in Southbridge.

It began with some fractures showing up in the not-so-thin blue line of the Southbridge Police Department.

That was quickly followed up by a post Fourth of July round of fireworks from the Southbridge school system. First there was the M-80 set off that heralded the announcement that current Southbridge High Principal William Bishop would not be appointed principal of the new Middle/High School. 

That was quickly followed up by a full scale aerial bombardment at the school committee meeting where the superintendent’s recommendation for a single principal at the facility was formally adopted.

On the national scene Mitt Romney got off to a less than auspicious start on a trip to England, Israel and Poland intended to bolster his foreign policy credentials.

This week we welcome the contributions of a new participant in our demented art project, fleewee.

So crank up the A/C and the dehumidifier, crack open that next bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and settle in for this week’s Maniacal Misery Tour.



  1. Tom/Ted is absolutely priceless.

  2. My favorite is the deadwood pic of Billy Boy!

  3. I love the police video. How'd they do that?

  4. He's the man----Mitt Romney!!! We don't need Obama' health plan. To many flaws with Pelosi and Reed in it. I am against Socialism...

    1. How many of you anonymous anti-socialism heroes will adhere to your “principles” by declining social security, Medicare, SBA loans, CDBG grants, elderly or disability property tax benefits, etc., etc.?

      Oh, we paid into that, you will say. Well, all you’re saying is that your own sense of entitlement trumps any of your so-called “principles”.

    2. It is even more than that.. how many are happy to send their kids to public schools, drive on the roads and bridges, use the fire dept. etc. Guess it is all "Socialism"??? LOL. People do not even have a clue what REAL socialism is.

  5. You better watch out, Ken. I saw Romney sing "America the Beautiful," and while he didn't have quite the stylings of the Crooner in Chief, he went the distance. What I mean to say is, while Barry made like the Reverend Al for two or three bars, Ol' Mitt carried on like a faithful, rusty old barn wagon for the entire first verse. Barack sounded better, but Mitt finished the tune.

    What better way to contrast the two. Barack can dazzle you for about five minutes, but Mitt can be steady for the long haul. More proof you need? While Mitt was successfully running an eccentric, eastern, liberal state, Barack was doing what? I am not quite sure what Barack was up to, but you have to believe he looked cool doing it. Also, Mitt made a fortune with his company, while Barack, well, a rising star among community activists? Really?

    I was going to vote for Barack because he was the only one who sang, but when Mitt sang it reminded me that the whole idea of voting for someone because they have a good voice is just silly. So now I am voting for Mitt.

    Unless of course Barack can pull off a decent moonwalk, ala Michael Jackson. I mean, if he can sing "Pretty Young Thing" and sneak in a quick moonwalk, I will jump back on his bandwagon. Depends on how long he sings I suppose. I don't think there is enough alcohol in Kentucky that could make Mitt loose enough to do a decent moonwalk, even if he did drink.

    Thank God there is still time for me to decide.


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