Friday, July 13, 2012

US Olympic Team’s Official Uniforms: Made In China

When the United States Olympic Team enters the Games’ opening ceremony at Olympic Stadium in London, it will be outfitted in official uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren. And though the 530 men and women who make up the team are the best athletes the country has to offer, the same cannot be said for the uniforms they’ll be wearing.

That’s because Ralph Lauren manufactured each piece of the uniform, from the unique hat to the designer jacket to the shoes, in China. 

The U.S. Olympic Committee didn’t exactly have an explanation for why its uniforms were made in China. “The U.S. Olympic team is privately funded and we’re grateful for the support of our sponsors,” the committee told ABC News. “We’re proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, an iconic American company.”

Outsourcing practices like those used by companies like Ralph Lauren have resulted in the loss of 2.8 million jobs to China since 2001, and the apparel and accessories and textile industries were among the hardest hit. China is notorious for its lack of labor standards — its workers often toil for long hours for low pay in horrendous working conditions. But even with American workers struggling to regain a foothold after millions of jobs were lost in the Great Recession, Ralph Lauren and the U.S. Olympic Team think it’s more important to make more money than make their products in the United States.


  1. In 2011' G.H.W. Bush's granddaughter, Lauren Bush, married designer Ralph Lauren's son David at his 17,000-Acre Double RL Ranch in Colorado. The wedding week-end was described as “Lavish”.

    Of course, it was Ralph who personally designed Lauren’s wedding dress. It’s highly unlikely that her label tag read: “Designed in America - Made in China”.

    According to “Shit Happens”: The Olympic outfits – cost close to $2,000 (£1,300).

    Senate majority leader Harry Reid has been quoted as saying: “I think the Olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves.”

    Question: Is Team USA headed for a series of “Wardrobe Malfunctions”?

  2. They all look like girl scouts. Nothing wrong with being a girl-scout, but I think it's pretty stupid to dress our nation's best athletes like 9 year old girls.

    But to the point of this blog post, I'm not surprised at all. Of course material wealth is the American ethos. They should have just gone with American Apparel tee shirts and bermuda shorts. They don't look so fancy like those stupid costumes, but at least they aren't made in sweatshops like half of the rest of the clothes we buy in America.

  3. And maybe if people would realize that the only reason their clothes are to cheap is because of poor labor conditions. We might value our possessions a little more if we knew—or cared—who had to bleed to make them. And maybe also we wouldn't be so quick to "throw it out and buy a new one".

  4. I can't believe that people haven't realized that we have no manufacturer's of clothing in the US thanks to the unions who sent everyting overseas to be made and all the workers in the US lost their jobs. Why can't people see that the unions served their purpose a long time ago and have not helped US workers to keep their jobs for many years. WAKE UP AMERICA AND GET JOBS BACK HERE INSTEAD OF OVERSEAS SO WE CAN PUT PEOPLE IN THE US BACK TO WORK!

    1. Right - let's go back to child and slave labor like the Chinese. A couple of American companies have already said that they could have made the uniforms at a competitive cost.

    2. Beyond the Profit Margin; it’s also a direct blow to America’s already fragile Psyche & Pride.


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