Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Message From The New Principal of Southbridge Middle/High School

Ms. Tammy Perreault, Principal
Southbridge Middle/High School

Welcome to Southbridge Middle/High School

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

It is with great anticipation that the administration, faculty and staff welcome Southbridge families to a well-deserved and long-awaited, new middle/high school. Our new building is incomparable and exceeds expectations in design, technology and safety. I cannot wait to see the smiles on our students faces the first time they see it!

Our new configuration unifies two separate schools and brings them together as one unified facility.  As the year passes, new relationships will be formed and preceding relationships will be strengthened.  Collaboration amongst administration, faculty, staff, parents and students is essential to our success.

My goal, as building principal, is that every student receives the knowledge and skills to be college and career ready for the 21st century. Southbridge Middle/High School will create a partnership between all stakeholders. As we embrace and execute this partnership, our students will acquire the initiative and self-direction that will facilitate the learning of essential skills such as accountability, leadership, responsibility and confidence.

This year our opportunities know no boundaries.  Our facility is state-of-the art, our curriculum is rigorous, our expectations are high and most importantly, fostering the creative, social, and academic spirit in each student is the only acceptable course of action.

Tammy M. Perreault



  1. While I don't really like the manner in which the superintendent appointed this principal (no search), I will do my best to support the administration and continue to work to move this district forward.

  2. Good Luck Ms.Perreault I wish you the best and hope you prove that you are more then qualified to be Principal of the Middle/High School. Prove all those naysayer's wrong

  3. former southbridge high studentAugust 17, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    I dont know ms perreault and i wouldnt have turned this job down in a million years,BUT it stinks to the high heavens of dirty politics played by Mr.Ely and a certain school committee member ,this should have been advertized so others could have had the chance to be principal at the new school.I dont know what went on with Mr.Bishop but i do think he got the shaft! Getting back to ms. Perreault i would hope she wasnt involed in this dirty deed and i will be watching to see her suceed as principal for the good of our students!

  4. Schenectady NY, that's my comment.

  5. You people get what you deserve with Ely. This guy is BEYOND dirty and it took us a long time to get rid of him.

    Why you even hired him is classified as a 'mystery of the universe'

  6. Just love the gutless comments with no background, supporting evidence, r courage to put ones name to a libelous statement like that. Schenectady is the perfecto ace for you.

  7. Gee, what happened?


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