Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Breaking Rumor: Increasing Conflict On Southbridge School Committee

As many know, I have shied away from reporting rumors.

However, when they portend a potentially entertaining showdown to be broadcast live, well the truth will be borne out in less than five hours for all to view and judge.

From what I have been able to garner, the minority members of the school committee are engaging in the same kind of stonewalling that we have seen for the last year and a half in the U.S. Congress.

The reports I have are that the Fab Four minus one have failed to respond to the chair’s inquiries regarding their preferences for subcommittee assignments. As a result the chair was compelled to make assignments on her own initiative. 

The result has been devolution into petty points of parliamentary procedure.

This coupled with recent inflammatory remarks relative to the late filing of documents relating to the certification of the newly-named principal of the Southbridge Middle/High School could make for an interesting meeting.

As I caution, however, this is rumor. I am not making any claim to insider knowledge of fact or any prediction of events. But it is a delicious, albeit regrettable, prospect.


  1. Well a direct pipeline into the chair of the school committee, funny how when one of the fab four was chair the other side didn't respond to committee assignments either and he had to chase them down to find out what committee they wanted to serve on, and then complained that they didn't get what they wanted...What a dysfunctional school committee, town council and leadership...or lack therefore... principal hired without proper certification, but that is okay because it was on the way, but we want change...yes change but lets have a certified experienced person to lead a new school...town council, lets complain that there are weeds downtown, well it does look like a deserted town, get some tumbleweeds going as there is no vision to fix anything...sad state of affairs and reason my house is for sale and I am outta here. Not going to let the door kick me in my - - - on the way out either...

    1. A WISE OLD OWL,
      SAT IN AN OAK.


  2. Watching the SC meeting was kind of Shock and Awe... I just don't get Lazo's logic, he calls for Ely to be let go now? Why didn't he do that months ago? He certainly would have had the votes then. Time to stop all of this petty bickering and childish behavior. We get it Lazo, you're mad your bud is not the Principal of your new Middle/High School. Ely isn't calling your school two schools, but one. A few months ago you praised Tammy Perreault's after her presentation, but now your dogging her. Every Principal had to start somewhere right? So she is getting her start here, let's give her a fair chance and try to prove herself. She can't be any worse then the last one. You say at tonight meeting you got calls from parents about her being appointed, really was it all the parents of this Town? Because I certainly didn't call. I for one am glad that there's a new Principal and I hope she proves the three naysayers wrong. Can the three of you be any more disrespectful to the parents of this Town? When the Chairperson Woodruff recognized, Mrs. Quinney you nearly had a stroke and fell out of your chair, Dominko and O'Leary got up and walked away. I would think you at least show some respect a parent, a fellow towns person, and a member of the voting public. I for one am completely floored the behavior of the three of you and hope that the other parents and members of the voting public feel the same. I believe the three of you should be recalled or at least not voted back in when your terms are up.

    1. Get the recall going! I'll join the bandwagon and vote them out.

    2. I agree with the person writing the article 100 percent. We all know that Lazo and Bishop were buddies. No room for this now. Lets give the new principal a chance. I am sure she will do well.She wont take a back seat to any school committee person!

  3. I'm with Gilbert, I'll go to the polls to vote them out

  4. Great Tunes. Nice Treat!


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