Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chris Matthews Calls Out Hypocrisy of the Right

With Additional Commentary by Jon Stewart

 Ken O’Brien

Yesterday, on his program Hardball, Chris Matthews let loose on the hypocritical hyper-ventilating from Mitt Romney and his campaign accusing the Democratic candidates of conducting a campaign of division and hate.

Matthews, a graduate of Holy Cross and former chief of staff for the late House Speaker Tip O’Neill, tore into the four years of abuse directed against President Obama on everything from the church he attended to his place of birth to his basic patriotism. 

In many ways he reflected my own exasperation at the way the right wing commentators have engaged in relentless vituperation and unfounded accusations and then running for the shelter of the victim card whenever they are criticized. The constant complaints about the liberal “lamestream” media have worn exceedingly thin with the right wing domination of talk radio, the pre-eminent ratings by Fox News and the, at minimum, parity of right wing presence in the blogosphere. The balance has only shifted more in favor of these relentlessly persecuted “victims” with the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case that has made American Democracy available to the highest bidder.

Their incessant whining has worn way thin. They seem to have been caught off guard by the fact that liberals and progressives are no longer going to take the verbal abuse and turn the other cheek. The shock is reflected in the subtext of their criticism of the “Chicago gang.” Perhaps they were not expecting the left to learn what kind of campaign Romney was going to mount after watching the way he treated his opponents in the Republican primaries. Well guess what – this time we saw it coming and they can’t seem to handle the blowback.


  1. Let’s see Politifact’s evaluation of Mitt Romney’s claim that Obamacare stole $716 billion from Medicare. “ Mitt Romney Says Barack Obama ‘robbed Medicare (of) $716 billion to pay for ... Obamacare.’" Oh Gee, Mostly False! What a shock!

  2. What about Romney’s claim that Obama has eliminated the work requirements for welfare. Let’s look at Politifact’s view at, "Under Obama’s plan (for welfare), you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check." Oh – this one gets a “pants on fire”!

  3. And those weren't claims in Super-Pac ads. Those were claims made in ads that were put out by the Romney campaign with the line, "I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this ad."

    What else has he said that I'm supposed to take on faith?

    1. Oh, wait, there's those pesky Romney tax questions – yeah, that’s the ticket. Well, of course they’ve answered that, haven’t they? Ann and Mitt Romney on their “blind trust”


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