Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ely Responds

As a result of the questions raised on The O’Zone post Southbridge Superintendent Announces Rumor Control Plan, Southbridge School Superintendent Eric Ely has responded.

His comment on that post read, “I have posted responses on the district website front page today. I will add to them as more questions come.

 I will not address specific personnel questions or personal attacks on any individual. I am not a fan of anonymity, nor do I prefer to respond to comments from those purporting to know what I am thinking. I do, however, appreciate honest dialogue minus the vitriolic nature that some choose to express. The school district is embarking on an exciting new era in local education and we will embrace those who support our new approach. Our previous results are not good enough and change is necessary to move us forward. I'm an optimist by nature and I look forward to September 4 when our students step foot into four schools that are new by construction, configuration, philosophy and attitude.”

Those wishing to see his responses can go to the Southbridge School Department website.

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