Friday, August 3, 2012

News Or Rumor?

I truly loathe engaging in unnecessary conflicts, especially with those who I respect.

However, I take great pride and care in the content of this blog. I try to distinguish quite clearly between facts, opinion and analysis.

Therefore I take some measure of pique when it is implied that I am engaged in rumor mongering. 

During the 17 months that the O’Zone has existed (three of which were a hiatus) I have, to the best of my recollection, had to issue only one correction. The correction had to do with an analytical conclusion that someone was the frontrunner for the position of Principal at the Southbridge Middle/High School. Anyone who wishes to review that article will see that at no time did I predict such an appointment was a definite fact.

In the same article I addressed the reports regarding the future of the current Principal of Southbridge High School. I believe that, despite the rumors that were swirling around town at the time, my reporting on the actual course of events has proven to be accurate.

Further, I have published a number of articles under the heading Breaking News. A significant number of these articles were exclusive to The O’Zone. I have never had to issue a retraction for any of these articles.

Now, I make no claim to infallibility. Nor, however, does any major news outlet. Sooner or later I am bound to stumble. However, that prospect does not make what I write “rumor”, especially when I specifically designate it as “news”.

The O’Zone has made an honest effort to pierce the veil of indifference and obfuscation that has permeated this community for too long. In the process we have made more enemies than friends. However, it is disconcerting when those you respect and regard as simpatico seek to diminish your efforts. I hope that my reaction is more over-sensitivity than reality. But, from where I sit, to be accused of spreading rumors is, at the very least, disrespectful. I hope that such characterizations will be eschewed in the future.

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