Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paul Ryan’s Core Values

The right wing media mill was, and remains, relentless in its attempts to portray Barack Obama as a radical, anti-American, foreign philosophy-based outsider.

Guilt by association conspiracies were spun around his church affiliation with the Reverend Wright. His having met with radical Bill Ayers was considered proof of his fundamental desire to undermine America. His early work as a community organizer proved he had to be a devotee of Saul Alinsky.

But, ultimately, all of these theories were built upon inference. They had no basis in any personal confessionals by Mr. Obama.

Just imagine if Barack Obama had personally professed his devotion to a Russian born philosopher who was a self-confessed atheist and someone who said that the family unit was unnecessary to society.

The conservative pundits would be apoplectic in their outrage. They would scarcely be able to contain their glee at the goldmine of opportunity such a statement of  admiration provided.

The truth, however, is that Obama never said any such thing.

The same cannot be said for the recently announced Vice-Presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

Paul Ryan has repeatedly, until just recently, proclaimed his devotion to just such a “fountainhead” of wisdom – Ayn Rand.

But, don’t take my word for such an allegation. Let’s turn to Mr. Ryan’s own words.

A brief summary of the views of Mr. Ryan’s intellectual and moral guide is provided in this video.

But let’s get a deeper insight into Mr. Ryan’s commitment to the philosophy espoused by his moral and economic mentor. Let’s look at his speech to the Atlas Society, an almost fanatical group of adherents to the tenets espoused by Ayn Rand, as recently as 2005.

To gain a full understanding of the depth of the philosophy that drives Mr. Ryan (and by inference (?) his patron Mitt Romney) I provide the following videos. Each runs about a half hour. The first is a more serious interview of Ayn Rand by journalist Mike Wallace from 1959. The second is in a more congenial setting with Johnny Carson from 1967.

Anyone who wants to truly grasp the underpinnings of the current Republican movement that has not only been embraced by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney but also by the likes of Ron Paul and Rand Paul owes it to themselves and their fellow citizens to be acquainted with these video profiles.

Lawrence O’Donnell summed up the dilemma now confronted by Paul Ryan, and how he has run away from it, quite nicely.

Aug 14, 2012

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  1. But Paul Ryan will bring a knowledge of Capitol Hill to the Romney campaign. After all, in his 13 years as a Congressman he has managed to get two of his bills passed - one of which was to name a post office.


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