Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Photo-‘Toons 1.16

Another week in beautiful cosmopolitan Southbridge and we return to the local humor mill.

Once again I am bedeviled trying to come up with anything more laughable than what our local solons provide for us.

Nevertheless, we give it the old collage try with raw materials provided as usual by the Southbridge town council and the Southbridge school department.

An additional dollop of amusement is provided at the end of the week as Mitt Romney wrangles an endorsement from another socially potent icon.

So, in the spirit of the Olympics, down that heaping bowl of Wheaties and wash it down with a frosty mimosa made of Florida OJ and French champagne, sit back, enjoy the funnies and let all that fiber do its thing.





  1. Zotos aays. Zero accountabilliry is right we gave the council the facts and they ignored them
    Did you hear all that feedback during the entire meeting ??? Thats who's teaching our children
    Teaching them the wrong way to make tv and the wrong way to run out gov. We need a teacher!
    We have a football team , so we hire a coach
    We build a tv studio amd what???? No teacher!
    Who gave out grades ? Based on what?

    Take your unsubstantiated filth to the Telegram comment section. I'd be interested in seeing if they publish it.

  3. Looking at the O 'Leary/Lazo dart team picture, still laughing! Did you see Martinek's letter yesterday? His comments about Kara Donovan were noble, and his analysis of O'Leary? Priceless! Did anyone else think the same?


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