Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Photo-‘Toons 1.18

Here at The O’Zone we call these Sunday diversions Photo-‘Toons because they are usually variations (some would say corruptions) of photographs.

However, this week as we compiled our list of subjects, we found that a lot of so-called “real life” was, in fact, downright cartoonish. 

As a result, half of what we present today find their basis in this art form. To put it simply, life has been imitating art. And, unfortunately, the art that our politicians are emulating is cartoons.

The O'Zone also wants to express its appreciation for the return of contributor IM Townie.

So, as I sit down to my brunch of brandy poached eggs over rum raisin toast accompanied by anisette coffee and a screwdriver, I invite you to share in this week’s perverse take on the news.



  1. Wow, Scott hasn't changed much since high school. He's still a dummy!

  2. The EHS subcommittee 'toon should be framed and put up in the council chambers.

  3. I watched the last school committee meeting can someone tell me if mary ellen combs her hair with a rock? I think she should go to a different kennel to get her hair done or tell her to try the bubble bus it will go right to her house so people wont get scared in her neighborhood! I watch the meeting to see the style of the week she is such a trend setter no maybe and Irish setter! TOO FUNNY keep up the hairdos Mary ellen your sooo hot!


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