Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Photo-‘Toons 1.19

Without a town council or school committee meeting it’s been a pretty quiet week in dear old Southbridge. As the saying goes, these are the times that try a critic’s soul.

A couple of subcommittee developments have provided some saving fodder for the foolish.

In addition we always have the endless well of silliness provided by races for national office. 

But hope springs eternal. The week ahead is a potential cornucopia of mirth and merriment. Not only do we have an upcoming town council and school committee meeting, we have all the regal pomp and circumstance of the Republican National Convention.

So, with an undimmed eye on tomorrow, we’ll sit back with some bagels with Nova lox and cream cheese and an especially spicy bloody Mary while reviewing the barrel-bottom scrapings that constitute this week’s effort.

House Science & Ladyparts Committee


  1. WOW! Scotts Hot Im voting for him because of his birthday suit for sure!!! Thank god you didnt put up Warren I wouldnt want to see that wrinkled old bag bones yuk!

    1. Just the kind of perspective that makes me wonder why we're more worried about voter ID than voter IQ.

    2. Ken find a photo of warrenAugust 26, 2012 at 11:01 AM

      Ken, give warren a fair shot here i want to see a naked picture of my candidate too. She might not be pretty above the shoulders but some older women are hot below im sure ken can find a shot of her somewhere from her past Im leaving it up to Ken i know he has connections to some photos of her naked Kens the Man. who knows might give her a better chance even tho hes Hot, so maybe she is too.

    3. Why don't you just go back to posting on the Telegram comments?

  2. Ken the cartoons of Spinjelli and Queen bee Nikolla are tooo funny have to say i think these two are some of your most funniest toons yet sadly to say so true. Keep up the good work ken.

  3. Enjoyed the photos; especially the "Cone of Silence".


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