Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Will They Say If Hurricane Isaac Strikes Tampa During The Start Of The Republican Convention?

It’s becoming increasingly likely that tropical storm Isaac will strike mainland Florida along the west coast as a category one hurricane just as the Republican National Convention gets underway.

While not of an equivalent magnitude of hurricane Katrina, I could not help wondering if the voices of the American Taliban religious right would view it as having the same warnings of divine disapproval that were invested in the New Orleans tragedy.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, some religious conservatives speculated that the storm was sent by God as an omen or as a punishment for America's alleged sins. Media Matters for America documented such statements from three religious conservative media figures: Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, and Charles Colson.

Pat Robertson: Katrina linked to legalized abortion

On the September 12 broadcast of the Christian Broadcasting Network's The 700 Club, host Rev. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition of America and a former Republican presidential candidate, linked Hurricane Katrina and terrorist attacks to legalized abortion:

ROBERTSON: You know, it's just amazing, though, that people say the litmus test for [Supreme Court nominee John G.] Roberts [Jr.] is whether or not he supports the wholesale slaughter of unborn children. We have killed over 40 million unborn babies in America. I was reading, yesterday, a book that was very interesting about what God has to say in the Old Testament about those who shed innocent blood. And he used the term that those who do this, "the land will vomit you out." That -- you look at your -- you look at the book of Leviticus and see what it says there. And this author of this said, "well 'vomit out' means you are not able to defend yourself." But have we found we are unable somehow to defend ourselves against some of the attacks that are coming against us, either by terrorists or now by natural disaster? Could they be connected in some way? And he goes down the list of the things that God says will cause a nation to lose its possession, and to be vomited out. And the amazing thing is, a judge has now got to say, "I will support the wholesale slaughter of innocent children" in order to get confirmed to the bench. And I am sure Judge Roberts is not going to say any such thing. But nevertheless, that's the litmus test that's being put on, the very thing that could endanger our nation. And it's very interesting. Read the bible, read Leviticus, see what it says there.

On the September 1 broadcast of The 700 Club, Robertson also claimed that, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Roberts can "be thankful that a tragedy has brought him some good," inasmuch as Democratic senators may be less likely to question him aggressively.

According to Robertson's website, The 700 Club "reaches an average of one million American viewers daily." But according to a Los Angeles Times report, The 700 Club "has drawn an average of 863,000 viewers a day during the 2004-2005 television season, Nielsen Media Research said."

Hal Lindsey: Katrina proof that "judgment of America has begun"

On the September 9 broadcast of the Trinity Broadcasting Network's International Intelligence Briefing, host Hal stated:

LINDSEY: It seems clear that the prophetic times I have been expecting for decades have finally arrived. And even worse, it appears that the judgment of America has begun. I warn continually that the last days lineup of world powers does not include anything resembling the United States of America. Instead, a revived Roman Empire in Europe is to rule the West, and then the world.

Based in Santa Ana, California, and owned by Jan and Paul Crouch, TBN is the world's largest Christian television network. TBN's website claims its programming is carried by more than 5,000 stations around the world. Lindsey also writes a weekly column for the conservative website and is the author of several books on Biblical prophecy, including The Late Great Planet Earth.

Charles Colson: God allowed Katrina to happen to bring attention to lack of preparation for terrorist attack

On the September 12 broadcast of his BreakPoint radio program, former Nixon special counsel-turned-Christian radio commentator Charles Colson speculated that God allowed Hurricane Katrina as a reminder to the United States of the importance of winning the "war on terror":

COLSON: [O]ne lesson I learned from Katrina is that we had better win the war on terror and resolve to prevent another 9-11. Katrina exposed how easy it would be to take a city out….

COLSON: Katrina gave us a preview of what America would look like if we fail to fight the war on terror. "Did God have anything to do with Katrina?," people ask. My answer is, he allowed it and perhaps he allowed it to get our attention so that we don't delude ourselves into thinking that all we have to do is put things back the way they were and life will be normal again.

Maybe God is warning them that climate change is real. Just speculating, of course.


  1. You would think with all that hot air that will be spewing forth down there it would blow that hurricane right back out to sea!

  2. Obviously it will be punishment for being too liberal on abortion.

  3. Ken, ye gots ta git ye faks strate. If Joe Biden is in Florida at the time, the good lord is punishing that foul man. If he's not, then them devilcrats have used ther influince wit thee dark lord to wreak havoc on the god fearing people of the conservative party. Get ye faks strate man or the next ones comin for ye~!!!!!!

  4. Ken, Can you put Romney's Enegy independence Plan on your site so we can all debate its merits and flaws.

  5. Fr Peter It was nice to see the Romanian hall used for a great republican event. thank you for the Scott Brown event !!


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