Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bill Clinton's Address To The Democratic Convention

It was the moment that brought the voters to their feet and it was the moment that broke Romney's back. 

"This convention is done. This will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama." -- GOP operative Alex Castellanos.

"45 minutes into the speech, a veteran GOP operative conceded, "The Big Dog brought his A-Game -- folksy, fiery and full-throated, right down to the lip bite."  NY Daily News

The Reviews Are In:

Under the headline of Bill Clinton: Trust Me, the Jobs Are Coming, Josh Barro at Bloomberg wrote:

Bill Clinton offered a brilliant and detailed defense of Barack Obama’s record on economic policy tonight. The speech was long and had almost bizarre levels of detail on job training, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare reform, and most every other major area of the federal budget. [...]
The conventional wisdom is that Medicaid is a losing issue for the Democrats. But Clinton’s case for Medicaid is succinct, sympathetic and persuasive, and I expect to start hearing it more often. 

At Politico, John F. Harris and Jonathan Martin wrote How Bill Clinton does it:

Some of the effective elements of Clinton’s address were impossible to miss—his ease on stage, the sheer theatricality of the performance. But Clinton scored in Charlotte for reasons that go beyond superficial style and reflect the essence of the Clinton political brand.
The speech was a vivid illustration of why Clinton survived so many disasters in office, and, even 12 years out of power, remains more effective than most politicians of the succeeding generation.

At the Weekly Standard, beneath the headline Clinton Delivers Bang-Up Address, Fred Barnes wrote:

In his fondest dreams, President Obama couldn’t have imagined getting any more from Bill Clinton than he did last night at the Democratic convention. Rather than pull Obama toward his centrist policies, Clinton embraced Obama’s hyper-liberalism—at least for one night.
Despite his well-known differences with Obama, Clinton made a stronger case for the president’s reelection than either Obama or his campaign have been able to muster.

Joe Klein at Time on The Clinton Speech:

Bill Clinton talks about policy–about the substance of governing–better than any other politician I’ve ever heard. He keeps it simple and he keeps it accurate. He can make Medicare as dramatic as warfare. He did a major demolition job on the Republican Party’s economic policy tonight. He held it to the light of the facts. And it crumbled, as those of us who follow these things knew it would. After all, we’ve had 30 years of data: supply-side economics don’t work, tax cuts for the wealthy are more likely to encourage the purchase of dressage horses than the creation of new jobs.
He did Barack Obama a service tonight, but he also did his country a service by making crystal clear the baloney-slicing at the heart of the Republican argument.

In a round-up piece headlined Democratic National Convention Night 2: Winners and Losers, Chris Cillizza at The Fix:

He was the explainer-in-chief without seeming too preachy. He was full of Southern aphorisms without being hokey.  And, perhaps most importantly of all, Clinton was quite clearly having a very good time — and he let it show. He adlibbed. He played with the crowd. He smiled and laughed. And, yes, he went on a little too long.

Aaron Blake wrote Bill Clinton: The smiling assassin:
Littered throughout Clinton’s speech were sharp jabs at the GOP. And each one of them was delivered with an easy smile on his face that belied the stark charges.

At The New Republic, Tim Noah noted under the headline, Clinton is Better Than Obama at Explaining Why Obama is Better Than Clinton:

The underlying awkwardness here is that Obama, even if he never gets re-elected, has already achieved more--simply by passing Obamacare—than Clinton did in eight years. In his speech, Clinton waited too long to make the health care argument for Obama's re-election, but when he made it, he made it intelligently and forcefully.

Bill Clinton Forms Barack Obama's More Perfect Union wrote John Nichols at The Nation:

It was a remarkable performance by a political wunderkind turned senior statesman. And it provided a powerful reminder that in the ex-president competition—and there is an ex-president competition—Bill Clinton has defeated George Bush, overwhelmingly.
Where two weeks ago, Bush was the former president whose name dare not be spoken at his party’s national convention, Clinton was more than a revered elder returning to the warm embrace of his party’s convention: he was a defining figure.


  1. Our former president did a great job. It's about time someone shined a bright light on the Republican's reactionary policies.

  2. Clinton moved to the center Obama never will.

    See the proposed new Charlotte stadium with retractable roof that could have withstood the rain out tonight.
    Just in time for the Democratic National Convention and Obama's speech.

  3. Slick willie can still spit shine the back end of a mule no matter how big an ass obama is!!


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