Sunday, September 9, 2012

Creamer Goes Off The Cliff

Thomas Creamer
I have had no problem with providing links to local web sites that espouse political opinions different than my own.

Today, however, I have drawn the line.

That line relates to the website maintained by Sturbridge Selectman Thomas Creamer.

Prior to yesterday I viewed Mr. Creamer’s site as an informative and rational exposition on Sturbridge politics and governance, even if from a conservative standpoint.

Yesterday, however, he promoted an article that pandered to the basest form of religious intolerance and a growing threat of irrational Islamophobia. 

While stopping short of endorsing the views expressed in the article, the very guidance of his readers to it constituted an implicit sympathy with its message.

I couldn’t have expressed my views any better than they were stated by Steve’s Politics blog:

On his blog, Sturbridge Selectman Thomas Creamer has posted, without comment, a blog post  Sharia Law Alive And Well In America – Godfather Politics that has a link to that same named article.
I am very surprised that Thomas Creamer would post such a link.  It is patently false in its assertions about the Democratic National Convention.  Furthermore, the referenced article uses stereotyping and intolerance of minorities to promote its political views.
I have always thought of Thomas Creamer as a thoughtful human being, who is willing to listen to all sides of a story and decide on a plan of action using logic as free of bias as possible.  He is one of the few Republicans politicians that I can talk to nowadays.  As a self proclaimed Lincoln Republican, he always seemed to me closer to a moderate Democrat than a radical Republican. His compassion for people seemed genuine to me.
His blog postings lately seem to be deviating from this calm approach to politics that I could vote for in a town election for selectman.  It is such a shame to see zealotry for the national party positions to rob us of a reasoned voice on the town board of selectmen and women.

However, I would go further by stating that the hyperventilation over Sharia Law and its threat to America has become a dog whistle for the extreme right crossing over into hate speech.

There is a long tradition of religious “courts” in America being allowed to resolve disputes regarding social matter in their communities, ranging from Rabbinical Courts in Judaism to Canonical Courts in various Christian sects.

However, such bodies have never been allowed to sanction actions which conflicted with state or national laws, whether Mormon practices of polygamy or Christian Scientists allowing their religious convictions to endanger the health of a minor or Christian extremists who applaud the murder of doctors who practice abortions or the bombing of their clinics.

There is no rational reason why Muslim communities should be deprived of the right to engage in similar practices nor is there any rational basis to assume that such extreme practices as “honor killings”, denounced by most American Muslims, would be allowed.

I wouldn’t link to a Neo-Nazi site espousing racial or religious hatred and I won’t promote this kind of irresponsible fear-mongering.

Rather than encourage the curious to patronize Mr. Creamer’s site, here is a link to the article he promoted.


  1. The far greater threat is coming from the efforts of Christians to embody their religious convictions in state and Federal laws restricting freedoms relating to marital rights and issues of women’s health.

  2. Perhaps you removed his link because his explanation for the article refutes your claim that he is religious intolerance and irrational Islamophobia. Perhaps you should remove yourself since you also linked and promoted the article that he referenced. Perhaps you should start a campaign against CBS NEWS 48 hours mystery for showing a factual story that happened in America. Perhaps you should remove the claim that all views are welcome because your removal of Tom Creamers blog proves otherwise. Hell have no fury then saying that you disagree with the Democrats.

    For those interested Tom creamer replied on his blog to a concerned responder and stated the following. -
    As you know this is not a post written by me, nor should it be perceived to necessarily represent my personal viewpoint either partially or wholly. It is merely a post I found interesting - more so because of the CBS News Video associated with it and the events reported by same.

    I am always open to diverse viewpoints, whether in complete agreement with them or otherwise. For me conservatism means respecting varying viewpoints, while having enough confidence in my beliefs and objectivity to welcome contrary thoughts.

    I am encouraged by your reference to "minority prejudices to gain political advantage" as I am hopeful that those who read this post and your comments will become a bit more attuned to "minority prejudices" - whether directed at persons or individual philosophies - that I believe occurs too frequently here at the local level with some of our elected/appointed officials that unfortunately goes unnoticed because of its subtlety. If we were all to take the same skeptical/critical view of the politics practiced locally, we might all be better able to curtail the nonsense we see all too often at the state and national level - on both sides. I believe we have little if any chance of checking the hypocrisy, fear-bating, and distortions at the national level, if we stand silent when it occurs at the local level, as it ALL starts here.

    I watched a fair portion of the DNC and do not disagree with you that references to God were regularly evident, though, and I do mean this with great respect, not too often for my personal likes. Equally, you are absolutely correct that the platform changes were railroaded through by the convention chairman and that is - for me at least - great cause for alarm because democracy and due process at the convention were denied by those with a predetermined agenda. Though I prefer the platform changes, I do not support anything - whether to my liking or otherwise - being railroaded one way or the other. It is most alarming and distasteful whether it be Republicans or Democrats involved.

    Finally, I am who I am and I can never see myself becoming anything other than that which I was raised to be - objective, fair, and principled.

  3. You're a phony ObrienSeptember 18, 2012 at 8:49 PM

    Wow, talk about intolerance. You've proven that intolerance is your first name O'brien. You right intolerant and belligerent stuff all the time and you rank on someone for a link to a news report that is TRUE. I checked it out as I do all his posts and it tells a true story of what happened right here in America. You're such a phony with you fake outrage. You and the Steve guy are why people think that all of us Dems are extremists. I think what scares you most is Creamer's clearly logical response.


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