Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey Scott Brown, Just Look At Him

During his opening response in the first Massachusetts Senatorial debate, Senator Scott Brown said, “As you know, I think what you’re referring to is the fact that professor Warren claimed she was a Native American, a person of color — And as you can see, she’s not.”

This is the late U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

Does he look Native American to you, Scott Brown?

Mr. Stevens was a fully registered member of the Chinook Tribe.

Of course you could tell that just by looking, right Senator?


  1. Thanks, I won my bet!

    I knew that you would completely skip over Liarwatha's lack of a law license issue and attack Brown instead.
    Thanks for not disappointing.

    Excuse me Liz, but it's not Tribal Lawyer it's Trial Lawyer, keep it straight! (but you still have to have a license for it)- oops!!!!

    1. Just more right wing panicked BS started on a blog. See Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Warren law license matter called non-issue.

    2. Nobody should take this kind of garbage seriously until:
      1. Somebody actually files a complaint with the Board of Bar Overseers; and
      2. They get a ruling adverse to Warren.

      Until then this is just more of the mud slinging that Brown's supporters are resorting to as their only remaining refuge.

    3. We don't need no stinking licenseSeptember 27, 2012 at 2:17 PM

      So I guess then she can also practice surgery without a medical license as well?

  2. Elizabeth Warren looks more and more like a compulsive liar. She admitted to not having a license to practice law in MA on 96.9 FM .

    Curiously, she gave up and resigned her inactive NJ law license on Sept 11, 2012 which would require her to retake the bar exam to be readmitted.

    Then there is the Travelors trust issue which Kennedy was against her on and now the LTV Steel which Kennedy was against her work on.

    It’s funny how, even though she’s lived in Massachusetts for eighteen years now, Elizabeth Warren could never be bothered to get a MA law license.

    Strange, isn’t it? It’s almost like Warren didn’t consider Massachusetts to be her real home and never intended to stay in the state permanently.

    Like she had moved to MA for a job but it wasn’t really part of her long-term plans…it was just good for her career.

    Wow, glad to see that Warren’s really put all those carpetbagger accusations to rest!


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