Monday, September 10, 2012

My Letter To The Editor Of The Southbridge Evening News

On Friday, September 7th, I sent the following letter to the Editor of The Southbridge Evening News:

To the Editor:

The September 6th edition of the Evening News carried a letter from Carol A. Goodspeed of Wales touting the merits of Mitt Romney’s stewardship while Governor of Massachusetts. 

Apparently time has dulled her recollection of the reality of the economic consequences that Mr. Romney visited upon our State. Allow me to remind her.

Under his Governorship, Mitt Romney:

1.Ranked 47th in job growth: Despite Romney’s professed expertise in creating jobs, Massachusetts ranked 47th in job growth during his time as Governor. The state’s total job growth was just 0.9 percent, well behind other high-wage, high-skill economies in New York (2.7), California (4.7), and North Carolina (7.6). The national average, meanwhile, was better than 5 percent.

2. Suffered the second-largest labor force decline in the nation: Only Louisiana, which was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, saw a bigger decline in its labor force than Massachusetts during Romney’s tenure as Governor. The US Census Bureau estimated that between July 2002 and July 2006, 222,000 more residents left Massachusetts for other states than came to it. That decline largely explains the state’s decreasing unemployment rate (from 5.6 to 4.7 percent) while Romney was in office, according to Northeastern University economics professor Andrew Sum. At the same time, the nation as a whole added 8 million people to the labor force.

3. Lost 14 percent of its manufacturing jobs: Massachusetts lost 14 percent of its manufacturing jobs during Romney’s time in office, according to Sum. The loss was double the rate that the nation as a whole lost in manufacturing jobs. In 2004, Romney vetoed legislation that would have banned companies doing business with the state from outsourcing jobs to other countries.

4. Experienced “below average” economic growth and was “often near the bottom”: “There was not one measure where the state did well under his term in office. We were below average and often near the bottom,” Sum told the Washington Post in February. As a result, the state was more comparable to rust belt states like Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio than it was to other high-tech economies it typically competes with.

5. Piled on more debt than any other state: Romney left Massachusetts residents with $10,504 in per capita bond debt, the highest of any state in the nation when he left office in 2007. The state ranked second in debt as a percentage of personal income. Romney regularly omits those statistics from his Massachusetts record, instead touting the fact that he balanced the state’s budget (he was constitutionally required to do so). He wouldn’t be much different as president: his proposed tax plan adds more than $10 trillion to the national debt.
                                                                                                         (Source: Think Progress)
Kenneth M. O’Brien


  1. And Obama has done so good,You just like people registered to vote with the Party affiliation with the letter D, which means DUMB ASS!

    1. u make me puke:
      Given what the Republican Party has become, I'm happy to oblige.

    2. As regards your question,” And Obama has done so good,”[sic], as my letter shows success or failure is judged by comparison to (in this case) other states.
      As I pointed out in “The Facts Are In: Stimulus Worked - Republican Plan Fails” by comparison to other countries President Obama has done quite well.

  2. "Mitt Romney is worth half a billion dollars and he's saying he pays 13 percent annually in taxes. Al Capone paid more than 13 percent in taxes, ladies and gentlemen."

  3. "Mitt Romney says he's never paid less than 13% in taxes, which I think is fair because only 13% of his money is in this country."

  4. "Paul Ryan just released his tax returns for the last two years, and it turns out he and his wife had a combined income of over $323,000 last year. To which Mitt Romney said, 'See, I do reach out to poor people."

  5. If Romney couldn’t effectively manage a small state like Massachusetts...Why would anyone possibly think he’ll do any better managing the entire United States of America?

    Broken Promises: Romney's Massachusetts Record

    Watch @:


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