Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Southbridge Charter Changes Require 10 Different Senate Bills

In what the Massachusetts Senate events list describes as “an informal session” it met on September 6, 2012 and approved ten separate bills to authorize Southbridge citizens to adopt almost all the amendments to the town charter rammed through the rump town council last year.

The one amendment that was dropped was that which would require any citizen running for public office to be “in good financial standing” with the town. Attorneys at the State House saw this as one bridge too far, violating constitutional law, and had it eliminated. 

Also, whereas Mr. Durant originally submitted these changes in one bill (H. 3900), the Senate saw it necessary to embody each remaining change in a separate bill.

They mandated that the voters of Southbridge would have to approve each of the amendments at an election.

They also mandated that the election to accomplish the result had to be held in 2012.

Since it’s already been determined that such an election can’t be arranged to coincide with the national elections in November, when will it be?

Perhaps while we’re all getting ready for Thanksgiving? Maybe when we’re caught up in Christmas shopping? Better yet, why not during the Christmas holidays?

I have a better idea.

Why not tell these clowns to just give it up. Save the town the money for a special election designed to do nothing more than further strengthen the people who have brought us trash cops and labeled us as pigs and barnyard animals while feathering ever more comfortably their own nests and those of friends and relatives.
The original bill filed by Representative Durant can be found at: An Act relative to the charter of the Town of Southbridge.


  1. couldnt agree with you more Ken

  2. According to the Southbridge News, Clark is talking about having a vote in the spring. Didn't he read the legislation? The bills say "a regular or special town election to be held in the year 2012."

    1. Anonymous 9:51 is absolutely correct. This has been a cluster**** since the council got the report of the Charter Review Committee. It's also proof that Durant was asleep at the switch not realizing what the Senate was voting on and how that would strain the town to meet the deadline imposed.

  3. I find it remarkable that one person running a blog can be so much more on top of issues that affect our town than the local media outlets.

    Thanks, Ken

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your kind words.

    2. You BLOGGERS are all the same!


      In fairness to Chris, he probably needs another secretary to manage his busy schedule. It's hard to keep the BS straight without more people.


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