Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Photo-'Toons 1.21

The political scene was dominated this last week by the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. On Wednesday night the Big Dawg, Bill Clinton, actually got better ratings than the opening game of the official NFL season where the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

On the local scene there were a couple of town council subcommittee events and the release of the agenda for next Monday’s town council meeting.

Finally there was the first day of school marking the opening of the new Southbridge Middle/High School. Aside from some to-be-expected opening day confusion on which buses students were to board at the end of the day, all apparently went relatively smoothly. Kudos to teachers and staff for a challenge well met.

With all that now behind us we sit down to a brunch of Eggs Florentine with a white wine spritzer and conjure up our own take on the week in review.



You're So Bain


  1. Isnt Scott brown Hot what a good lookin Senator we have!! So no need to vote pochantas with all those wrinkles in office that would be a step to the old west.

    1. It's clear from this and numerous prior remarks in a similar vein that a good portion of Brown's supporters are of a mental age and degree of political awareness more suited to publications such as Tiger Beat.


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