Sunday, September 30, 2012

Warren Leads Brown By 5 Points In Latest Poll

The latest Boston Globe poll shows Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren leading incumbent Senator Scott Brown by 43% to 38%. However, the poll shows that 18% of those polled remain undecided.

This is a turnaround for Warren from the last Globe poll conducted in May when Senator Brown held a two point lead. The result, though, still falls within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4.4%.

During the month of September there have been a total of eight public polls on the race, six of which showed Warren in the lead. 

The candidates will face off in their second debate of the campaign tomorrow night at 7 pm on WHDH channel 7.

Andrew E. Smith, the Globe’s pollster and the director of the University of New Hampshire ­Survey Center, commented, “It’s trending away from Brown,’’ he said . “Brown right now is not doing well enough among Democrats to offset the advantage that ­Warren has. That’s just such a big obstacle to overcome for any Republican candidate” in Massachusetts.

The poll also showed strong support for two state ballot questions, which require more than 50 percent approval to pass. A full 68 percent of voters, including a majority in both parties, said they support a voter initiative that would make physician-assisted suicide legal for terminally ill patients, compared with 20 percent of respondents who said they oppose the measure. Likewise, 69 percent of voters in the poll said they support a measure to make marijuana legal for medical use. This question also received bipartisan support.

In regards to the controversy surrounding Warren’s claims of Native American heritage, the poll suggests most voters are now familiar with the controversy, with 79 percent in the survey saying they were at least somewhat familiar with it, compared with 70 percent who said so in May.

Of those who knew of the controversy, 71 percent said it would have no impact on their vote, while 24 percent said it would make them less likely to support Warren. Notably, 10 percent of Obama’s supporters are among the group who said the controversy makes them less likely to vote for Warren.


  1. What do we expect the Boston Globe to predict- of course like their many inaccurate projections before where their candidate did not win. The views of the Globe are clear and are also probably wrong this time as before.

    1. But I bet you believed the last Globe poll when it said Brown had the lead.
      And what about those other five out of seven in the last month that show the same trend?

  2. 71 % support a chronic liar?

    1. The only proven liar is Scott Brown:

    2. It’s only a lie if you know it isn’t true. Warren believes she has Native American heritage because her family told her so and other relatives, many she does not know, have borne that out. While it hasn’t been conclusively proven true, it has also not been proven false.
      It’s not unlike you believing that your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s because your mother told you so. While those who care about the facts may know you to be an idiot, it doesn’t make you a liar.

    3. Given the ease of genealogical research today and the burden of proof being on her to back her claim, what is she waiting for?

      Genealogists can't proof her claim and even the globe made a retraction statement on the issue.
      a simple Dna test would resolve this - what is waiting for?

      If she is Harvards first woman of color prove it!
      If she isn't how embarrassing for Harvard especially given her class ranking.

    4. Please, keep harping on this. Over 70% of voters have already said that it doesn't matter to them. The more Brown and his league of lemmings keep up this chant the more certain it becomes he will forever be "the former half-term Senator from Massachusetts".

  3. "While those who care about the facts may know you to be an idiot, it doesn’t make you a liar. "

    Thanks for that "Compassionate " insult but you might - no scratch that your readers might like this

    Is there even one issue that she differs from Obama on ? How is putting one more of his yes people in the state of MA going to actually help the PEOPLE of MA?

    1. Ohhhh, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Obama is expected to get almost 60% of the Presidential votes from Massachusetts in November.

    2. Why of course he will, Ken. Lookit, this is the state that vote for a liberal bleeder like George McGovern for God's sake. Romney is not even wasting his time here.

      Doesn't make Obama right, just because the liberals in Greater Boston are going to support him. Just like it isn't necessarily true when a dem rag like the New York Times or the Boston Globe bring up some cockamamie 'poll' that someone in liberaland conjured up.

      God I love the way politics brings out the very best in people.

    3. And Sherrod Brown is leading by 10% in "Liberal" Ohio. The reason is simple - you don't vote for a President and then support a congressman or Senator who will oppose his policies.

  4. Ode to Elizabeth Warren the PRETENDIAN.
    For a poetic exploration of Warren the Pretend Indian:


    As a lawyer, Liz was “fair”,
    But to be “Prof” she had to share
    MINORITY traits that just weren’t there.
    Oh, poor Lizzy.

    And then she had a wicked dream,
    She’d steal a “Cherokee Nation” theme,
    Theft of a race was her crazy scheme,
    Crazy, crazy Lizzy.

    Harvard bought the lie real fast,
    And Liz kept lying to the last!
    She could deceive with stunning class!
    Dirty, dirty Lizzy.

    Now Cherokees kept perfect lists,
    Of their descendants in our midst,
    And Lizzy’s name did not exist!
    Oh, oh Lizzy.

    In fact the TRUTH was stranger still,
    LIZ’ forebears, like George Custer, killed,
    The Cherokees who were living still!

    But when confronted by her fraud,
    Liz attacked–she wasn’t awed
    By truth, or even Indian Gods
    Danger, danger Lizzy!

    Now Massachusetts must decide,
    If Liz, with BO right at her side,
    Can mock both state and indian pride.
    No way, Lizzy.


    1. "NO RIGHTS RESERVED"? Hardly a necessary note for doggerel!

    2. Come on, Ken, that was wicked pisser funny!!

    3. I supposes, if you're a bigot.

  5. Did you hear The Professor's cheering section last night at the debate? Yowsah!!!! Ken, Am I allowed to say "shrill" without being a bigot? She definitely connects with the Angry White Chick demographic doesn't she?

    And what's with David Gregory the moderator attacking mainly the Senator but also the Professor? Doesn't he know it isn't about him, it's about the candidates?

    Liz needs to chillax and let Scott answer his questions. She appears to be getting all amped up by her Alanis Morrisette-looking militant chick friends, who no doubt would fit right in at Harvard these days, you know, living in some co-op or flat in Cambridge, drinking expresso while wearing a beret, and hoofing it to class. But all the time incensed about something Really Extremely Important.

    Anyway, my prediction is this: Too close to call. What happens in the last week may win it.

    God, I love politics!!

    1. First, we agree on Gregory. I thought that he made it too much about himself.
      As far as the cheering sections, I think Brown had his as well.
      Third, if anyone needs to chill it's Brown not Warren.
      Fourth, last time around you were predicting a clear Brown win.
      Finally, I think you have to get past stereotyping (assuming you're serious in how you characterize Warren supporters).


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