Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who’s Going Under The Bus?

The last two articles on The O’Zone have apparently created a level of consternation in both the Southbridge town hall and the Durant campaign.

In the Southbridge town hall there is clearly the question of how the town manager could have made the remarks that appeared in Wednesday’s Southbridge News.

In there the town manager said that now that the state senate had approved legislation allowing the town to vote on proposed charter amendments (which the Governor signed yesterday) he would work with the council to schedule an election in the spring. 

Apparently he was unaware that the legislation specifically required that such an election had to be held in 2012.

Since then allegations have been reported that he didn't know that such amendments had been made.

From the side of the Durant partisans there have been multiple stories.

One said that the Representative had concerns about the original proposals and merely carried out his obligation on behalf of the town, while remaining neutral on the issue (which is the traditionally accepted role for a State Representative as regards local issues).

Another indicated that he had advised the town manager of the senate amendments and that Mr. Clark had okayed them.

Alternative explanations, which could not be confirmed by multiple sources, provide the possibility of additional justifications.

The interesting question that arises from this is, “Who is going to say that they screwed-up?”  I’ll wager that nobody will.

In either case, somebody did.

I am in no position to pass judgment publicly given what I now know or suspect.

In either case, however, it has to be asked “Which side is going to blame the other?” Obviously somebody is at fault.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in Southbridge town government, the Durant campaign and the race for State Representative.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

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  1. In keeping with Obama blaming Bush for everything I'm going to say Clark blames Durant and O'Brien continues to try and makes hay against both .


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