Monday, October 8, 2012

A Coalition Of Bigots, Morons, And Moral Putty Manipulated By The Fat Cats And You Can’t See It? Or Are You Part Of It?

In regard to an ongoing debate today one of The O’Zone’s frequent commenter’s said, “People don't vote with their brains, they vote with their hearts!!!”

I’ll let the right-wing nutjobs who have worked for two years to destroy the only major economy that has moved forward while the rest from Britain to France to China have regressed, deal with the policy dictum of Senate Minority Leader  Mitch McTurtle that his, and his Party’s, main objective was to guarantee that Barack Obama was a one-term President.

The facts are there.

I’ve pointed out elsewhere the five major lies that Romney told in his debate with Obama.

Long before that I pointed out that Romney was a flat out LIAR who apparently assumed that the American public was as stupid or as ignorant as the German public in the 1930’s.

I’ve shown that Romney’s record as Governor in Massachusetts was a disaster.

Others have shown that his “success” in the Olympics was just another government bailout.

Now we are told that Romney 15.0 is “The Real Romney”. Give me a break!

I listened to Romney’s “MAJOR” foreign policy speech today. It was crap! He says that Obama was wrong in pulling out of Iraq. IF he had his way we would have an indefinite presence in Afghanistan. Sure, Obama got Bin Laden, but he has weakened America. Obama has “led from behind” but we should get others to support the rebels in Syria.

If you look at Romney’s domestic policy positions (at least what they were last week in the debate), and his positions in today’s “Major” foreign policy speech I really want the righties to tell me what the differences are from Obama.

Really, what are the differences now that Romney has shaken the Etch-A-Sketch?

Is it that the African-American couple is defiling the White House?

Is it that you’re just Homer Simpson and Bart is telling you how to vote?

And then there’s all you moral Christians who simpered at the foot stool of Rick Santorum but now wll throw your support to a Mormon candidate who you originally dismissed as a cultist and who supported a woman’s right to choose before it became politically inconvenient.

Quit telling me about your moral principles. They amount to crap when your financial overlords put the money in to support the cronies who will go their way, no questions asked.

Let’s face it. If you righties were any more flexible, you’d make Mr. Fantastic – Reed Richards – look like a stiff.

The truth is that your new found enthusiasm is because you can vote for a white, semi-Protestant, business guy candidate who isn’t Obama.

I guess the response to my commenter is, if you vote according to your heart, just how diseased is your heart?


  1. And now the Mittelman disses America's kids.

    1. Amusing in light of the fact that ever since this was started the children were right in predicting the outcome of the election every time with one exception. The exception was the 2000 election where they picked Al Gore who only got the most popular votes.

  2. Let's see unemployment the same as when Obama took office unless you count the people who just gave up. Gas close enough to 4 a gallon to call it 4 a gallon. Food prices through the roof. Yup, the facts are there all right.

    Oh wait. I must be racist in some way, after all that seems to be the common answer when anyone disagrees with the great Obama. He lost the debate because no one has asked him a tough question in four years. He has done nothing for this country. Yup, I am definitely a right wing nut job and damn proud of it.

    1. Unemployment same as when Obama took office despite the greatest depression since 1932 and the FACT that it would be around 6.5% if the Republican House hadn't cut aid to states that resulted in laying off teachers, fire and police despite the fact that all the rest of Western European democracies that adopted the Republican austerity program are now in or flirting with a double dip recession.

      Gasoline prices higher in light of a major refinery fire in California and despite the fact that domestic oil production is the highest it has been in decades.

      Food prices up because of the worst drought in decades and the failure of the Republican House to pass a farm bill for the first time in decades despite the fact that it was passed by the Senate with 16 Republican votes.

      Maybe you're not a racist, just ignorant.

    2. Obama promised 5.3% unemployment. For the first two years of his administration he had a super majority and passed nothing except a healthcare plan which will cost us more and give us less. He has added more to the deficit than any other president, in fact more than the rest combined in only a short three years.

      Food prices are also up because of the rise in energy prices. High energy prices have more affect on food prices as well as all other consumer prices than any other factor except maybe labor. It takes fuel to run tractors, trucks, machinery, etc. etc. When the price of gas and diesel doubles it causes everything along the distribution chain to rise. Who do you think pays for these increases? The consumer,

      Solar and wind to lower the price of gas and diesel. I've never seen a solar powered tractor.

    3. Obama promised 5.3% unemployment! My God you're more delusional than Romney.

  3. You're right, I'm a racist who gets my marching orders from a cartoon character. Otherwise, how could I disagree with a democrat?

    Meanwhile, I mourn the passing of a great American. One who not only defined himself on the battlefield of that greatest of all American spectacles, the professional football field, but also delivered the single greatest line in cinematic history. Yep, I am talking about Alex Karras. In the midst of a political tempest in a teapot, it is all together fitting and proper that we pause to recognize the greats.

    "Mongo just pawn in the game of life."

    1. I, too regret the passing of Alex Karras.

      I also regret your having to admit that you are a racist, even though I never used that term in the article. I used the term "bigot" which is not the same thing.

      Isn't it fascinating that the use of a term that implies bias that is not necessarily racial (even though I used race as an example) is automatically interpreted by righties as such. It speaks volumes!

  4. Sorry I confused the two words, it's just that they have become the 'go to' buzzwords by the lefties to shut off all debate. Don't like criticism of the President? Call the critics racist!! Or a bigot, or closeminded, or whatever dismissive term you can come up with.

    What is disconcerting is the degree you are going to minimize any opinion from the right. You've got two different cartoons (Bart, and Reed Richards), as in pretend characters. You've got the almost obligatory 'compare him to the Nazis in the 30's." You make it clear you don't like his brand of Christianity.

    And you accuse the Teabaggers of being extremist!! Really Ken, if anyone is leading the march toward vitriolic language and "he said, she said," it is you.

    And BTW. The scene with them all the manly cowboys sitting around the campfire, eating beans, and farting, again, cinematic specialness. Almost as piss-your-pants funny as when Lucy and Ethel got the job in the candy making factory. Just the kind of stuff that both the lefties and the righties can feel proud to be an American about.

    One other thought. Now that Biden is debating Ryan maybe you lefties can get better footing on this debate thing. Biden is a funny guy.

    1. Face reality for once - PLEASE.

      The only agenda you righties have - for whatever reason - is to defeat Obama.

      It has nothing to do with principles, moral convictions or financial facts. Romney got the Republican nomination by morphing himself into a "severe conservative".

      Subsequently he has walked back every position he took in the primaries and betrayed everything that garnered him primary votes and the nomination. Yesterday he even started doing it on the right to life issue.

      But you all continue to support him because he's not Obama.

      At what point do you concede that Romney's lack of integrity and moral turpitude is something you will accept just to defeat Obama?

    2. P.S. It's rumored that Ohio Art has invalidated the warranty on his Etch-A-Sketch.


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