Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Durant Accepts Walker Debate Invitation

Kathleen Walker
The Patriot Newspaper is reporting that State Representative Peter Durant has accepted Democratic challenger Kathleen Walker’s invitation to debate.

Walker proposed four debates, one in each town in the district.

According to the report, they have agreed to a first debate in Charlton on October 9th.

UPDATE: The first event will be Q & A planned for Overlook in Charlton on October 9 at 7 pm. A similar event will be held in Dudley on Monday October 15 at 6:30 pm. A debate is planned in Southbridge on Wednesday, the 17th - time uncertain. (Information provided by Kathleen Walker.)

The text of The Patriot report follows: 

SOUTHBRIDGE, MA. Kathleen Walker of Charlton, candidate for the 6th Worcester District state representative’s seat last week sent a letter to Representative Peter Durant (R-Spencer) challenging him to four debates – one in each town in the District: Dudley, Southbridge, Charlton, and Spencer.

Rep. Durant said he is willing to debate Ms. Walker, and that their offices are negotiating the details of a debate scheduled for Oct. 9 in Charlton. Mr. Durant said he will insist the that the campaign mutually agree on an independent  moderator and that questions be screened by that moderator.

In her request, Ms. Walker wrote, “On behalf of my desire to see that the voters in this district have the best possible information with which to choose who should represent them at the State House in Boston in the coming term, I challenge you to four debates – one to be held in each of the communities in our district.”

Walker added that she is looking forward to a clean, fair, issues focused campaign and hopes that no one gets in the way of voters seeking to cast their ballot at the polls on November 6.

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