Thursday, October 25, 2012

Durant’s Crocodile Tears

The third in the series of debates between candidates for state representative in the Sixth Worcester District took place last night in Southbridge. The first was held in Charlton and the second in Dudley.

The opponents, incumbent Peter Durant and challenger Kathleen Walker squared off in the McKinnon Council Chambers in Southbridge Town Hall. The debate was sponsored jointly by the Southbridge Democratic and Republican Town Committees. 

For most of the debate they sparred over their differing perspectives on the role of state government and issues of employment.

The most interesting part of the evening, however, was the incumbent’s apparent discomfort (one might even say outrage) over a mailing sent out relating to his record.

Although he disingenuously said that he took Ms. Walker’s word that she had nothing to do with the mailing, he wasted no effort in attempting to imply that she was morally obligated to distance herself from it.

He used terms such as disgusting, half-truths, innuendos, and despicable to characterize the flyer.

In the process he indicated his intent to file a formal complaint against the organization responsible for the mailer, as well as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which he argued had funded the effort. He indicated that the fact that the SEIU had endorsed Walker implicated her in their dastardly plot unless she chose to repudiate it.

Now, I have over forty years of experience in the political realm.

Terms such as “disgusting, half-truths, innuendos, and despicable” are usually applied to attacks that relate to one’s personal life and/or family.

Here is the flyer in question (with my emphasis added):

The mailing specifically references a piece of legislation co-sponsored by Mr. Durant, House Bill 4034, An Act relative to reducing the healthcare burden on businesses.

From my limited experience, this appears to be a reasonable and justifiable criticism of Mr. Durant’s co-sponsorship of a specific piece of legislation by an organization that clearly opposed it.

It is hardly a personal attack. It is an issues oriented critique that is supposedly what all “high-minded” public office seekers wish political discourse would be confined to (irony intended).

However, Mr. Durant reacted as though he was being accused of engaging in human trafficking.

If he was willing to be a sponsor of this legislation he should be willing to explain the bill and the reason for which it garnered his support.

He should hardly shy away from his record by impugning another person’s reputation.

But, then again, perhaps one’s conduct under scrutiny is indeed the measure of the man.


  1. Can you say "weasel"?

  2. This coming from a guy who ran three innocent slectmen in our town out of politics on trumped up charges, ove 200 dead voters were alleged to have voted in that contest, targeted a business (Whitco) by intituting a sign bylaw in Spencer, voted for overrides when the money was hidden in the town coffers, allegedly forged signatures on the Recall petetions, filed bankruptcy and lied about it, burned every major electircal supply house in Worcester County when he ran his business,(electrical company called Excel) ran truly disgusting and racist flyers showing Deval Patrick as a "StepnFetchet" character, tried to dissuade voters from voting through Empower America, which by the way, put up billboards suggesting people have ID to vote, and they ran fundraisers for the Peetster on his Facebook site and he denied it. Weasel? That is insulting to the animal kingdon, and this low life bottom feeder showed just what he is last night. A politico who can't even read from a prepared script. This guy is a political pimp and has no integrity whatsoever, and NEVER met an issue he could not claim credit for. I hpe he moves to Southbridge. maybe Denise has room next to her.

  3. Please don't insult weasel's by comparing them to Rep. Durant. They don't deserve that kind of insult. His calling these pieces "malicious"? He still can't quote one line from any of them that's malicious, because there's not one line that's malicious. Funny how he does the same thing, and is malicious (voter intimidation in the last election, he goons Clark and Clemence preventing Walker supporters last night from standing on a PUBLIC sidewalk, his piece showing Gov. Patrick as some sort of Al Jolson character). A vote for this guy? I'd feel as comfortable voting for him as David Duke. Do Rep. Durant a favor, and send him back to the private sector. No doubt with all he's done to bring jobs to this district, he might be able to get a job at McDonald's with his talent and qualifications.

  4. Judging from Peter Durant's performances in three
    debates with a first time candidate for competition, aside from
    reiterating the same blurb that he presents in his
    youtube clip, he basically rambles from here to there and back.

    It is a joy to see someone capable of the usage of the
    English language and to speak it without the overindulgence
    of Ummm and Ahhhhh as well as constantly repeating words.

    But what would be more joyful would be for the content of the
    reiterations to have substance and thought, and to answer the
    questions directly.

    Peter appears not to have mastered either.

    However, I do have to say that he IS a nice person and would probably make a good salesman at some business. He has a good family in Spencer and I do wish him good fortune in whatever he does if he loses the election.

    This other candidate, Kathleen Walker, should add some
    fresh air to the mix and I am sure the people of Southbridge
    will appreciate her, even Denise Clemence and Kathy Nicola
    once they get to know her.

    I think they should reconsider who they support from what I have
    heard about Peter alienating everyone in the Statehouse for
    that Rose Greenway, Johnny Come Lately, grandstanding. They won't
    entertain his legislation, even if it is good after that.

    It is kind of embarrassing for our part of the state.
    (And after Southbridge making the N.Y. Times for Pop Warner bullying,this would be putting a rose in the public eye.)

    I am a Republican, but this time my conservatism will vote in
    favor of common sense and I hope others will join me in voting for
    Kathleen Walker.

  5. I think she should have a hairdresser do her hair, thats the only thing holding me back on voting for her what would boston think? Kathleen must go to the same hairdresser that mary ellen goes to. But in all seriousness some thing has to be done a bird xould build a nest in there! Go Walker!!!


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