Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Photo-‘ Toons 1.25

As the October chill envelops us like a foreclosure notice on the warmth and comfort of a home in the New England summer, we review the tumult of the prior week.

Local events of note were relatively sparse, eclipsed by the week’s developments on the national scene.

We did have the spectacle of the state representative accepting an invitation to debate and then beginning to tap dance around petty points of contention. We also learned that our new Middle/High School was in a wireless dead zone. But not to worry. Like everything else in Southbridge, we can buy our way out of it. Let’s just hope that nothing critical requiring such resources happens in the meantime.

Of course the big news of the week was the Presidential debate and the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for the month of September. Surprisingly, the biggest news of the debate may have been Mitt Romney’s announced Fatwa against Big Bird, a proven job creator.

The monthly jobs report led to another round of conspiracy theories by the righties  to supplant their rapidly evaporating conspiracy theories about the legitimacy of national polling.

As usual The O’Zone has concocted its own perpendicular view of these events.

So join in reviewing them as I lay down on my floor to have a Hasselhof-Burger washed down with Old Milwaukee.

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  1. Reception issues there where made known from back in the days of Clayton Carlise. Since well before the first shovel of dirt was dug. Anyone walking the site prior to or working on building it would of known. On time and under budget - what other corners were cut or ignored?

    1. ummm...lots. Cafeteria too small, technology there but no training for teachers (therefore going unused), band room too small, fields are not even close to being ready, not enough parking for events, teachers being overwhelmed (need more staff). I am sure there is more.!

  2. The cell/radio issues at the new middle/high school better get solved real quick!! There were a total of eight fights at the new school.This occured this past thursday and friday. Another fight on the school bus where a high school boy punched out a girl!!I see the culture there has really changed! Why hasn't the resourse officer been properly used? These holligans need to be arrested and charges should be filed!!I hope this is brought up at the school committee meeting. We need answers from the new administration!! Concerned Parent


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