Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Photo-'Toons 1.26

As we enter the season where the leaves turn and begin to fall, we witness similar behavior among some of the denizens of town hall.

Concern as well as questions began to mount regarding the revelation that cell phones as well as police and fire department radios have less than reliable reception at the newly opened Middle/High School.

The town administration conceded a procedural lapse in the adoption of a motion seeking to change the terms of legislation relating to amending the town charter. 

In the process they are dropping the matter back in the lap of a novice state representative who required nine months to get the first, albeit flawed, version through the legislative maze. It will be interesting to see if this stewardship of responsibility to one of his constituent communities becomes a factor in his quest for reelection.

On the national scene we saw Democratic partisans languishing in the fallout from the President’s lackluster performance in his first debate with his Republican challenger. At week’s end they were gaining some measure of redemption from the performance of Vice President Biden in his joust with Paul Ryan. Republicans in the meantime engaged in relentless finger-wagging over what they perceived as Biden’s “inappropriate” behavior. In essence they were engaging in the same backhanded concession of defeat used by Democrats in response to the first Presidential debate.

So, as we sit back with a spicy Bloody Mary and a plate of steak and eggs, we look back in our typically skewed manner at these events.

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