Thursday, October 4, 2012

The iPhoney 5

I don’t know who to feel sorrier for, Barack Obama or the American public.

Mitt Romney is like some kind of freakish Frankenstein’s monster created by Steve Jobs as a parting joke.

Last night we witnessed the unveiling of the all new iPhoney 5. Let me take you for a moment through this product line’s evolution. 

The iPhoney 1 debuted in 1994 as a candidate to replace Ted Kennedy as US Senator from Massachusetts.

The iPhoney 2 gained prominence in 2002 when it was elected Governor of Massachusetts.

The iPhoney 3 was a candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2008 before being outsold by McCan’t reboot.

And, just prior to last night, we witnessed the dominance of the iPhoney 4 on its long march toward gaining the Republican nomination for President in 2012, eclipsing the McCan’t reboot with its Palin 1.0 add-ons.

At each stage following the iPhoney 1, subsequent models acquired new affectations (Affs) while shedding previous, outdated (i.e. inconvenient) ones. By the time the iPhoney 4 rolled out it was totally unrecognizable as what started out as the iPhoney 1.

That brings us to 9 pm October 3, 2012 and the unveiling of the iPhoney 5. Gone was the tax plan Aff, even though it was claimed to remain the same,  but with different computational algorithms employing irrational numbers.

The Health Care Aff from the iPhoney 2 had returned, but it was genetically modified so that it could escape proof of parentage to the current Affordable Care Act.

A new mapping and global positioning Aff was viewed by knowledgeable insiders as defective, but the public accepted its ability to be simultaneously in multiple positions all at the same time.

These, as well as a number of other innovative Affs, known to insiders as the smoke and mirrors upgrade, confounded the competitor and its sales and technical support staffs leaving them dazed and disoriented, victimized as they were by a commitment to facts, logic and common sense.

As a result the new iPhoney 5 was lauded as a remarkable improvement by the preview audience whose willing suspension of disbelief was more accurately described as extreme gullibility.

Once again the creators of the iPhoney 5 have validated the venerable dictum of P.T. Barnum of how frequently a particular personality type is born.



  1. OMG!!!!!

    Mitt Romney actually grew a personality last night!!!

    Can you stand it!! He said the word 'fun' twice, and actually sounded like he meant it.

    And then, Obama comes off as some type of professorial stiff. Didn't see that coming!!

    It's like some grand Vulcan mind meld (or something occurred, with them switching personalities, and Mitt coming off as cool and easy, and fun, and Obama looking all stiff and know-it-all.

    There's still hope!!!

  2. Hello Ken hope things are going well .Watching last nights debate was a disappointment for me. The problem that I saw was the lack of leadership from the commentator. I felt that he let Romney control just about all aspects of the debate and Obama just calmly aloud it to happen. I felt that he should have taken a much tougher stand in defending his programs. But maybe that is all part of the scheme and look out next time. I am hoping that he comes back with a much stronger showing. Also I think that at this stage of the election that most people have their minds made up and they are trying to sway just a small group of the undecided but time will tell. Next week the Vice President and hopefully there will be someone to better control both candidates. One other thing if I was back in Southbridge to vote I would throw my support to Elizabeth Warren so friends when it comes time to vote please consider her for the US Senate. Have a good one.

    1. Nice to hear from you George. Please stay in touch.

  3. On Mitt Romney and PBS:

  4. Hey Mitt... Your doctor called.... He's confirming your head transplant is on for tomorrow!

    1. How Romney Gets in Shape for the Debates:


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