Thursday, October 11, 2012

Town Admits Open Meeting Law Violation

During town manager's announcements at the September 24 council meeting Mr. Clark called for a motion to request the state legislature to amend the laws passed relating to Southbridge Town Charter amendments to say that the election to ratify them could be held in 2013 rather than 2012 as is currently required. That motion was made and unanimously adopted.

These actions were reported in The O’Zone that evening in an article titled Another Open Meeting Law Violation In Southbridge?. 

As a result of these actions, I filed an Open Meeting Law complaint on September 27, as detailed in the post My Open Meeting Law Complaint.

That complaint read as follows:

According to state law, the subject of such a complaint has ten business days to respond to the complainant.

Today marked the tenth business day since the filing of the complaint.

Shortly after eight o’clock this morning I received a call from town manager Clark. In the voicemail message he indicated that while he originally viewed the action of the council as an “administrative matter”, upon reflection he agreed that it would be appropriate to schedule a vote on the matter.

As a result, the vote will be scheduled to appear on the agenda for the October 15th town council meeting.

I will be checking to see that no legislation is filed prior to that vote being taken.

I will also be interested to see if Representative Durant can get any action on such legislation with two and a half months remaining in a legislative session dominated by the efforts of all incumbent senators and representatives seeking reelection.

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  1. Good one Ken you caught her with her pants down! She seems to think she can do what she wants when she wants . If they had a real chairman like the past chair that knew procedure we wouldnt have the many screw ups we have. The big Mouth Inexperiemced chairwoman from worcester street that thinks she knows everything is far from being a chair shes justan amature winging it as usual, thanks for catching her with her pants down Ken, what a site or NOT


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