Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where Was Southbridge High?

Tammy Perreault

Today's Southbridge Evening News carries a "Sound Off" addressing an issue that was brought to my attention prior to its publication in that forum.

Where was Southbridge High?


On Wednesday evening, Oct. 3, the annual “High School Night” for current grade 8 students was held at Trinity Catholic Academy in Southbridge.

This event brings many area public and private high school representatives to Trinity students and parents with information about their institutions. 

For the past five years Southbridge High School has been a part of this event. The former principal, guidance counselors, curriculum coordinators, and current SHS students have consistently attended, with hopes of recruiting local and school-choice students. Last year both the valedictorian and salutatorian from the Southbridge High graduating class were Trinity alumni.

It was unfortunate that Southbridge High School did not participate at this year’s program. Apparently this is one of the many drawbacks when administration and guidance have no connection to the community.

I have several emails regarding this matter. The most relevant is one from SMHS principal Tammy Perreault responding to a Trinity Catholic Academy parent inquiring about the absence by SMHS personnel from the event.

In that email, Ms. Perreault states, “I received no phone calls, no emails and no letters... nor did my staff. I would say that's more reflective of others rather than SMHS.”

I think it is fair to say that somebody “has some ‘splainin’ to do.”


  1. Trinity supporters this plays out like you ASSUMED way too much.
    Make a proper invitation or you'll just look like a meatpie hole. Don't play the blame game to cover your own failings. Looks like the trinity confession booth is going to be very busy.

  2. To the jerk who thinks they know what went on at Trinity, let me set the record straight, as I was there, and I'm not afraid as you are to identify myself.

    The booth was set up. No one from SMHS showed.

    I emailed Tammy to ask why. She said that she wasn't invited, so I called TCA, and they verified that they contacted her assistant twice before the opening of SMHS and twice after, and no response. I don't blame Tammy or TCA for the failings of an assistant.

    For a school that allegedly wants kids to stop choosing school choice, it was an embarrassment. I talked to the chair at the booth like I was Clint Eastwood.

    If you don't believe me, ask Mike Loin, or Chairwoman Woodruff, who were there.

    When parents view a school that we have to pay for as a viable alternative, you know that SMHS effed up. Their silence was golden, as if to tell us, we don't need you.

    Ken, I seriously hope you start to ban anonymous writers from posting moving forward. The uninformed and uneducated who don't try to find out are idiots. Like the person who's post now comes before me.


  3. One final thing: If I had written the Sound Off, I would have had the courage to have put my name below it.

  4. So basically this jerk named Dennis is a Trinity supported and is discrediting the word of the SMHS prinicipal who said “I received no phone calls, no emails and no letters... nor did my staff. I would say that's more reflective of others rather than SMHS.”

    Off course the table wasn't manned because the invitation wasn't properly sent or confirmed.

    Somehow I can just imagine the previous commenter "Eastwooding" by himself much more than he'd like to admit!

  5. It is a shame that SMHS was not present at the Trinity High School Night.

    Someone posted that last year the Valedictorian and Salutatorian were graduates of Trinity Catholic Academy, that is true, but in fact it was the second year in a row that it had happened as the top two students in 2011 and 2012 came from TCA.

    I know that we had worked hard to get there and promote the new school as well as all the good things that were happening in the District. One should look at the number of kids that came to the SMHS this year due to the efforts of the prior administration. TCA has been a good partner to SHS and whatever the reason that SMHS was not represented there should be rectified.

    1. Perhaps the "prior administration" got a personal, face-to-face invitation.


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