Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Southbridge School Committee: Wiggin Stipend, Search Plan For Acting Superintendent

Terry Wiggin
Tuesday night, at a special meeting of the Southbridge school committee, plans were outlined for its search for an acting superintendent to replace current acting superintendent Terry Wiggin. Mr Wiggin is currently serving double duty, also being the school district's business manager. 

The acting superintendent would serve until there is a resolution of the investigation of Superintendent Eric Ely, who is currently on paid administrative leave. At that point his services would end if Mr. Ely returns to active service or continue until a new superintendent is hired following Mr. Ely’s departure. 

The committee agreed on a planned payment $500 to $525 per day for an acting superintendent.

Chairman Woodruff said that she had been in touch with the DESE, the Mass. Association of School Committees and the Mass. Association of School Superintendents, and at this point had the names of two prospects for the acting superintendent position.

Following this the committee went into executive session. When they emerged they voted to provide Mr. Wiggin with an additional stipend of $2,000 per month pro-rated and retroactive to November 14, 2012, pending the hiring of an acting superintendent.

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  1. Whats going on in this school system? As a tax payer I demand to know! An administrator left after 30 days in the system, the supt.is on administrative leave pending an investigation,a few days ago a second administrator has been put on administrative leave and now the new administrator who replaced the administrator who left 30 days ago is missing in action.If you can figure this one out great because I can't!!Please investigate!!!



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