Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stop Susan Rice For Secretary Of State To Re-Elect Scott Brown

A week and a half ago I posted the image on the right as one of The O’Zone’s Sunday Photo-‘Toons.

The obvious implication was that it would be of potentially great benefit to soon-to-be former Senator Scott Brown to have John Kerry appointed Secretary of State because it would allow Brown to run in a special election for that then vacant Senate seat.

Indeed, Kerry was among two names prominently mentioned to succeed Hillary Clinton who has announced her intention to step down. The other name floated was that of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

Despite emerging evidence that Rice is President Obama’s preferred candidate, Republican opposition to her elevation to the post has been increasing in vehemence, supposedly as a result of comments made by her on Sunday talk shows following the incident in Benghazi.

That rationale is as transparent as the finest Belgian lace. As the iconoclastic ladies at Wonkette summarized the situation:

Egad! Horrible lying liar Susan Rice and acting CIA Director Mike Morrell met with senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and new amiga Kelly Ayotte, and she scurrilously admitted that what she said on TV talk shows five days after the Benghazi attacks was factually incorrect because she didn’t have all the facts at the time she said that the attack was being investigated. McCain, Graham, and Ayotte immediately told reporters that the real scandal here is that when Rice went on TV, she said a thing that turned out not to be true, simply because the CIA had told her that thing, and instead of simply saying “we don’t know,” she said that they thought maybe it was one thing, but they were still looking into it. How dare she mislead the American people like that!

No, really, that is the actual controversy, as near as we can figure out.

In the meantime, Republican Senators opposing Rice’s appointment, ranging from John McCain to Susan Collins, have sung the praises of John Kerry as a Secretary of State nominee.

The thesis I hinted at in that cartoon is now becoming mainstream conventional wisdom within the beltway as the following remarks made last night by Rachel Maddow illustrate:

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In the meantime, should John Kerry end up as Secretary of State, speculation surrounds who Governor Deval Patrick  might name to serve in the interim capacity and thus have a leg up as the Democratic nominee. Would he name himself? Perhaps  5th District Congressman Ed Markey? Citizens Energy CEO Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.? Or, consider this – newly minted 4th District Congressman Joseph Kennedy III, who took over retiring congressman Barney Frank’s seat.

Stay tuned for further adventures in politics in the new Byzantium.


  1. Of course anything Rachel Madcow says is NUTS!

    Why would anyone want such a gullible, uninformed party plant like Susan Rice to be put in such a powerful position.

    If she doesn't have the integrity to get the facts from more than one source before going on the Sunday talk shows and is just sent out there to fall on Obama's sword for him, than she doesn't belong and can't be trusted for such a position.

    Does it have anything to do with John F>>>> Kerry? Probably not.

    The Republicans probably want to keep him in Ma where he can't do anymore damage than he already has. MA Republicans probably want him out by election and not special election because Deval Patrick can't be trusted . Given his record thus far he will break or change the rules again when given the chance with an appointment. The one party Byzantium you describe is something to absolutely worry about given their record and certainly something not to be glorified.

    Your video clearly points out the hypocrisy. Don't let a Republican governor appoint a senator until a special election is held but then let a Democratic one appoint a senator until a special election.

    Democrats don't let the Republican majority even talk about getting rid of the filibuster 5-7 years ago. However, now the previous two most vocal opponents from the then minority party (being Obama and Reid) are in the majority and guess what they want to do? Obama and Reid want to stop a Republican minority party from having the power of a filibuster.

    Winning politically isn't everything. Especially when it is done with such dishonor and only for political party gain and not for the people they are suppose to be representing.

    Remember the campaign slogan - It's the People's Seat ? An argument can be made that Scott Brown's win 2.5 years ago was blow back for the governors appointment chicanery.

    Anyone else besides me ready for the : It's the People's Office campaign 2014-2016 ?

  2. I couldnt agree more Im ready!

  3. You two loyalist are the exact reason repukes like you got slammed this election. Good to see our making the most of all your New spare time Steve.

  4. I am enjoying my new spare time.Your probably part of the 47 percent! Ive been in politics a long time and Im not going away. politics is like a giant pendullum they might be there now but when it swings the other way look out because you might get hit hard by it. Why dont you sign your name or are you ashamed your a demeocrat?


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