Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Tale Of A Table And A (Vice) Chair

Once upon a time there was a railroad depot in downtown Southbridge.

When the railroad no longer came to town somebody said, “That would make a nice central location for our senior citizens to get together.” And so it was. And during the days people got together in the main room and shared their stories. And in another room the men would get together around the pool table for a friendly game.

Time went on and the town lost its RMV office and then it got it back again. But it had no place to put it. Somebody said, we can move the senior citizens to the armor…I mean community center. Then we can put the RMV in the old senior center and everyone will be happy.

And so it was. And the people got together to share their stories. But the men no longer gathered around the pool table for a friendly game. The table merely sat in a backroom gathering dust, or so it was said.

Then along came a vice chair and it saw the table. And the vice chair said, I like that table. And so she bought the table for her own. And shortly afterward she told all the people not to overlook the bargains they could find doing their holiday shopping in their own hometown.

You might even find a wonderful pool table that nobody is using anymore for whatever reason.


  1. You've got to be kidding. Who sold it and for how much? Way to treat our seniors. This needs an ethics investigation.

  2. Zotos says merry christmas ! As conrad once said this
    Smells fishy! Maybe it was legal but i remember that
    Pool table being the most popular game at the depot
    Then it disappeared for 2 years ? Why
    Cable tv paid for blinds and speakers and we never got
    The money back , that abuse was never corrected
    Now this ? Lets get the seniors another pool table and
    Put it in writing no one can hide it rhen sell it
    Merry cheistmas to all!

  3. Who had ownership rights to the pool table & why did those seniors stop playing pool?

  4. waste, fraud and abuse. There are ways to dispose of public property and I bet this was not one of the ways. Contact the I.G.'s office and file a complaint. If this is one thing that goes missing what else may be gone as well. I could use a snow blower if they are looking at getting rid of one.

    Southbridge Tax Payer

    1. I have been told that the table was not public property, but was privately owned by a seniors' group.

    2. Sold; after all those years of camaraderie & sentimental value...sounds like those seniors desperately needed the money.

  5. I hear the Clemonce is very friendly with Mike Trombley thats could be a conection to the sale???

  6. Purchased at a "Bargain Price" or "Fair Market Value"...unfortunately, we'll never know.

  7. Just to set the record straight about the Pool Table. People should get thier facts straight before they run off thier mouth. I am the treasure for the Southbridge Senior Cit. Assoc. And know first hand that the pool table in question was purchased by the Southbridge Senior Citizens as Iwrote the check. I also know that the table got very little use at the depot and no use at the community center. The association was made a good offer for the table which we no longer needed or used so we sold it. It has nothing to do with the TOWN of Southbridge or any of it's silly politics.


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