Monday, December 10, 2012

For Politics and Twitter Junkies: The World Leader Twitter Directory

This is a directory of more than 1,100 unique Twitter accounts of world leaders: elected officials, national governments, government representatives and intergovernmental organizations (IGO's) across the globe.

The directory includes the names of national leaders from over 250 governments as well as those of dozens of United Nations and European Union departments and influential intergovernmental organizations in the fields of banking, health, and defense. 

Here is a sample page:

The complete document can be viewed and downloaded HERE.

Listings begin with United Nations officials followed by various international organizations and agencies. Listings for individual countries (in alphabetical order) and their officials begin on page 8. The listings for U.S. officials start on page 35.

Twitter is replete with Fake and Parody accounts. Please see the tips in the NOTES beginning on page 37. Twitter accounts in blue are verified.

Please see posts by @VITweeple for postings of updates of the directory.

Prepared for scribd by Piccola Bee.

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