Sunday, December 16, 2012

President Obama Addresses Residents of Newtown, CT (VIDEO)


  1. everyone knows my personal feelings about the president, but everyone also knows i always give credit when it's due.....and he made a very nice, comforting, much needed speech to the families who are hurting, quoted the bible and i would say was genuinely sincere. Thank you Mr. President. And for everyone complaining that it interupted the football was the first quarter and it is just a GAME.

  2. As a first step, if we can put warnings on cigarette packs, why can't require that every gun shop, gun show and swap meet be required to prominently display the pictures and names of each of the 20 children slaughtered in Newtown (with their parents' permission, of course).

  3. yes hes good in disasters you cant beat him on that!


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