Sunday, December 9, 2012

Southbridge School Committee Agenda - December 11, 2012


LOCATION: Robert G. MacKinnon Council Chambers

DATE: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TIME: 7:00 PM


I. Pledge of Allegiance 

II. Public Input

III. Meeting Called to Order

IV. Roll Call

V. Approval of Minutes
     1. Regular School committee—November 13, 2012

VI. Chairwoman’s Announcements

VII. Reports

     1. Representative of the Student Advisory Committee - Ms. Faith Macharia

VIII. School Committee Reports – FY’13
     A. Curriculum Subcommittee
     B. Policy Subcommittee
     C. Budget, Facilities and Transportation Subcommittee
     D. Collective Bargaining Subcommittee
     E. Communication, Family & Community Engagement Subcommittee

IX. Introductions
     A. Ms. Jillian Carroll, Assistant Principal, Southbridge Middle/High School
     B. Ms. Kathleen Alicea, Food Service Director

X. Presentations
     A. America’s White Table
          1. Students of Charlton Street School, Grade 5
     B. World-class Instructional Design and Assessment Overview (WIDA)
        1. Dr. Sarah Jordan, Director of English Language Learners

XI. Report of the Superintendent
     Terry Wiggin, Acting Superintendent of Schools
     Amy Allen, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

XII. Report of Director of Finance & Operations
     A. Terry Wiggin, Director of Finance & Operations - Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2013

XIII. School Committee Actions
     A. Moved that the Southbridge School Committee appoint Southbridge Police Officer &
          School Resource Officer Robert Campbell, Southbridge Police Sergeant Jose Dingui, and
          Southbridge Police Detective Robert Salisbury as Attendance Supervisors for the
          Southbridge Public Schools pursuant to MGL Chapter 76 Section 19.
     B. Vote to approve a Middle/High School Science Teacher position.
     C. Vote to approve a Middle School LEP Interventionist position.
     D. Vote to approve a Middle School Mathematics Interventionist position.
     E. Vote to approve a Middle School Special Education Teacher position.
     F. Moved that the Southbridge School Committee approve budget transfers in the amount of
         $1,539,135.04 as shown on the December Financial Report, Page 12.

XIV. Unfinished Business
        A. Third Reading and vote to approve updated policy:
          1. Community Use of School Facilities, File: ECG-R

XV. New Business
     A. The next regular School Committee meeting will be held on January 8, 2013, Council

XVI. Executive Session
     A. Vote to go into executive session to:
        1. Discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining for union and nonunion personnel
           or litigation to the extent that an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the
           bargaining or litigation position of the governmental body pursuant to Chapter 30A,
           Section 21, Part 3.
     B. Roll Call
     C. Vote to conclude executive session and return to open session
     D. Roll Call

XVII. Open Session
A.    Adjournment

Items listed on the agenda are those items anticipated by the Chair that may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items on the agenda may be reached by the Committee, and other items may be added to the agenda at the discretion of the Chair or at the request of the Committee. In addition Committee at any time may go into executive session, as authorized by the Open Meeting Law.


  1. Agenda item XIII. F. includes $40,000 in legal expenses. I wonder what that is about?

  2. XI. Report of the Superintendent

    Terry Wiggin, Acting Superintendent of Schools

    Shouldn’t it read: Terry Wiggin, Temporary Acting Superintendent of Schools?

  3. IX. Introductions
    A. Ms. Jillian Carroll, Assistant Principal, Southbridge Middle/High School

    WHY ?? Didn't She BOLT after only 4 days on the job?

    I hope Job Descriptions go with these new positions

  4. we saw the agenda item for Ms Jillian Carrol but... she conveniently "couldn't make it. " Apparently she is still running for the hills.

    we wanted transparency in our school committee and this is evidence that we still are not getting it.

    Unless of course she is under investigation too - (just kidding)
    The current number of investigations is startling and the number of heads that should soon roll is just as disturbing.


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