Monday, December 3, 2012

Southbridge’s Taxing Council Meeting

Several interesting things came out in the course of last night’s presentation by Principal Town Assessor Wil Cournoyer as well as the vote on the tax rate.

First and foremost was his observation that the new tax rate of $18.47 per thousand was one percent less of an increase than had been forecast in the Town Manager’s FY 2013 Budget Message. The Manager said he projected a tax rate increase of 4.2%* versus an actual increase of 3.6%. Thus the difference was actually 0.6% 

So, kudos to Councilors McDonald and Vandal for being the only ones who voted against the budget last May.

Second, item number 12 on the council agenda was to increase the budget by an overall amount of $100,000. Granted, the line item adjustments were specified. But, why couldn’t it be mandated to reduce the budget by a specific overall amount, the line items to be adjusted and voted upon at a later time? In this regard I wish once again to raise my proposal for a bylaw to address this matter (even though in this case, it would not have mattered).

Third, Mr. Cournoyer provided comparisons to other local communities’ new tax rates:
Southbridge            $18.47 
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Sturbridge                 17.95

Charlton                    12.30 
Holland                     15.64

Dudley                      11.56

(Gee! He never did that before!)

So, once again we have the distinction of having the highest tax rate in the local area.

All together now - We're Number One! We're Number One! We're Number One!...
*I calculate the projected tax increase in the 2013 budget as a 4.8% increase over the 2012 actual.


  1. Highest taxes, high low-income level (70%), level 4 school district, the wonderful smell of the water treatment plant. Why won't anyone want to make Southbridge Home? God help us!!!!

    1. If I remember my theology, once you're in Hell you're beyond God's help.

    2. O’Zone: “(Gee! He never did that before!)”

      Southbridge (GO’s) to Hell. Major “tax exodus” to Dudley & Charlton.

  2. In regards to discussion on the POINT SYSTEM for dept heads I say the TM also needs to be put on this point system for reducing the taxpayers payment of taxes.
    That will certainly stop all his excessive spending pretty quickly!
    Councilors are you listening?

  3. O'Zone: “Second, item number 12 on the council agenda was to increase the budget by an overall amount of $100,000.”

    Anticipate a “X-Mas Water Rate Increase”!

  4. oh.....don't forget the smell and constant truck noise from the landfill that most of you aren't able to enjoy like we do....mmmmmmm!!

    1. That's considered a bonus!


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