Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wiggin Resigns As Southbridge Schools Director Of Finance & Operations

According to reliable sources Terry Wiggin has submitted his resignation as Director of Finance and Operations for the Southbridge School District.

Despite a letter that subsequently sought to rescind his 60 day notice of resignation, the initial resignation was accepted by the School Committee Chair.

Rumors have circulated that Mr. Wiggin was upset that he had not been considered for the position of acting superintendent of schools following his service as temporary acting superintendent.

It is expected that the resignation will be effective at the end of February, although the exact effective date could not be verified.


  1. Ken,
    About a month ago I had meeting with Mr. Wiggin about a issue. After our meeting I said to him I hope they make you SI. His reply to me was they will not consider anyone from the inside.

  2. sounds like sour grapes......

  3. Resign, Rescind, Reapply & Renegotiate.

    1. Pardonnez-moi; I forgot “Rehire”.

  4. I liked Mr. Wiggin. Seeing that he is leaving, NOW would be a good time to finish cleaning house (school committee, other administration jobs, etc). We need CHANGE. We need it NOW. A Town is only as healthy as it's schools. No wonder we are a mess!

  5. It seems to be official. The story is in the T&G but, what is the rest of the story? Perhaps we will never know.


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