Monday, September 23, 2013

Review of “The Blacklist” in seven words

Hannibal Lecter is partnered
with Dana Scully.   

This would appear to be the emergence of a new template spurred by the success of Breaking Bad.
Series creator Vince Gilligan characterized it as "Mr. Chips becomes Scarface".
This leads me to wonder what the people who pitch pilots to the various networks will come up with in the season ahead.

How about a comedy series paralleling The Odd Couple where Reverend Jim from Taxi is paired with a divorced Al Bundy from Married with children?
Maybe Carrie Bradshaw moves to Cougar Town.
How about a program where Gordon Gekko teams up with Forrest Gump?
Maybe Dr. Huxtable, confronted by the limitations of Obamacare while putting all those kids through college (or having them back home when they can't get a job after graduating with all that student loan debt) begins a massive Medicare fraud ring?
Maybe an anthology series where Mr. Spock critiques recent SyFy "reality" programming like Ghost Mine or Paranormal Witness?
Future TV producer moguls are invited to offer their suggestions.

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