Monday, November 4, 2013

Breaking News: Director Of Operations For Southbridge School System Resigns

Ken O’Brien

Roland Gaboury, Director of Operations for the Southbridge School District, today resigned from his position.

Also, Everything Southbridge informs The O’Zone via Twitter that School Committee member Dr. Thomas O’Leary has been removed from the Harrington Hospital’s Doctors Listing. 

Gaboury was scheduled to appear in court tomorrow in connection with an incident that occurred in Spencer in August. The Spencer New Leader reported on October 4,

The director of operations for the Southbridge Public Schools is accused of causing an accident while driving drunk in late August.

Roland R. Gaboury, 68, of Spencer, was arraigned Tuesday, Sept. 3 in East Brookfield District Court on charges of operating under the influence of liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and failure to stop or yield. He was released on personal recognizance and will be back in court Nov. 5….

According to a report from Spencer Police Officer Valerie Morin, Gaboury was driving a 2007 Acura MDX shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31. He was turning from Meadow Road onto Pleasant Street (Route 31) in Spencer when a 1998 Plymouth Voyager minivan driven by 77- year-old Malcolm Chisholm, also of Spencer, struck him….

As Gaboury was getting his license and registration from his vehicle, Morin wrote, “in the driver’s door bottle holder was an open can of Bud Light beer. The can had liquid on the run near the opening. When asked about the container Roland stated ‘It was old.’ An odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected from Roland’s facial region. He was unsteady on his feet, eyes watery, speech slightly slurred. Roland was asked he if has been drinking. He stated one — or two.”

Morin stated she asked Gaboury again how many drinks he had.

“He stated two but had a ‘few others’ during the day,” she wrote.

Gaboury failed four field sobriety tests done at the scene, Morin wrote. A breath test at the Spencer police station showed a blood alcohol level of .103, 25 percent above the legal limit of .08….

Gaboury faces up to four and a half years in jail, fines and possible temporary revocation of his license, depending on the results of his case.

The situation with Dr. O’Leary appears to be related to an incident that reportedly occurred last Monday, October 28. Details regarding the event are still subject to verification.


  1. Can it get any funnier? I wonder who will be on the selection committee for the replacement. Oh that's right, Southbridge just picks someone they like (usually an excellent golfer).
    So if you're interested in the job, get yourself over the the driving range and work on your stroke!

  2. What's the "Buzz": Maybe Buzz and the people he hired should exit stage right?

  3. This system is so dysfunctional it is scary! What is next! Maybe Buzz will unterminate the terminated.

    1. If you were one of them, would you want to go back into the firing line while this house of cards is imploding? RG is just one of the Knaves, there are still some kings and queens that must be laid low before there is peace in the kingdom.

  4. Hey, the town voted for McLaughlin and Donovan. How's it working?

    1. If you knew anything, you would know they are working very hard to put this district back on track. There is a huge pile of b.s. they need to clean up. Many years of dysfunction, cannot be cleaned up over night. Policies, procedures and regulations need to be created and followed - this takes time - patience my friend.

    2. You are joking right? The one thing they’ve shown is that they are either incapable or unwilling to follow the policies, procedures and regulations they already have.

    3. In response to the 6:32 PM Anonymous post: Working hard? I'd rather have folks work smart.
      As to their fixing "policies, procedures and regulation," we just witnessed the girls unwillingness to follow existing policy and procedures when McLaughlin elevated herself to the chairperson post. And we are obviously still waiting for a process to be implemented for use in the selection of key district positions. Mrs. McLaughlin stated in July 2012 that the policy sub-committee needed to get to this issue "real quick." 15 months later and we're still waiting, or maybe it's been implemented. But is sure wasn't used for the selection of Mrs. Allen to be principal of the new high school; or Roland Gaboury to be the new Director of Operations.
      As for patience - this writer, and lots of other parents and townspeople are completely out of them.

    4. They are working hard to put this system back on track and there was a huge pile of b.s that they had to clean up. WOW, what a self serving comment that is.

      Lets go back, because you need to know the history!!!

      McLoughlin and Donovan win the election and then in their very first meeting they praise the then Supt Ely and reward him with what.....a contract extension and raise....Supt Ely has done a great job, elevated test scores and restored the reputation of the district, oh wait, that is not right, he was fired and with some serious allegations that we will never find out the truth about, was this because of the bs that they are cleaning up...nope, Jovan and Digregrio were'nt part of that decision were they!!! They praised the guy and gave him the raise.

      Southbridge High School a level I school when Jovan and Digregorio on the board, what happens right after the election, they allow Ely to fire the Principal and install the new one, who had no experience and who Ely in a meeting stated that she was not ready to even take the helm of the elementary school...but was that a decision from the past leadership, Nope, same two on board for that one!!!!

      Now lets get to the recently resigned Director of Ops, how did he get that job, who voted the position, who allowed him to get the post, where was the posting of the position.

      Then, lets talk about the transparency of the School Commiittee, berated Jovan for not having minutes posted on the website, no notice of meetings, well folks, where are the minutes for this year and part of last year.

      Yep, easy to blame the past and say how you are fixing the BS that was from the past, but now YOU have a record of your dealings and YOU need to defend them. These recent events had nothing to do with the past leadership or committees...YOU own them. Get off your high horse and get to work...I for one have lost total confidence in this Town and the School District, No one or nothing will change IT!!!...

  5. I am glad he resigned, but this is ridiculous! When is this madness called Southbridge going to end? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Can't wait until my kids are out of SPS and I can get out of this Town. So sick of the same old, same old. Let's face it, nothing is going to change.

  6. Well, with the public knowing about Gaboury's DUI, this is possibly the first time his inappropriate behavior won't be swept under the rug!

  7. For the good of the school system, and most importantly - the students, it's time for McLaughlin, Donovan and Nembirkow to go. Our students are getting sub-par education as was evident in the recently released MCAS scores. Our staff are being bullied, as evident with the distorted number of terminations and resignations. And our community is being belittled and laughed at because of this dysfunctional district leadership team.
    Come on girls, you are killing the system. Do the right thing and leave before you are thrown out.

  8. This is a Sound Off that I wrote in August and did not send. On hind sight, I should have.

    The Southbridge School District Administration has some very tough questions to answer:

    1) Why have so many well qualified teachers left the district after the last school year? In the high school alone, the whole Math Department has found new homes or retired. Also, at least three Science and one English teacher have "left the building". And, these are by no means the only ones middle high school or in the district who have left.
    [I wrote this letter originally several weeks ago, but comments made by "Buzz" about the teachers who have left not being a good fit or basically poor teachers is simply not true. Mr. Calnan, Mr. Bastian, Ms. Tomasino, and about 50 others have voted with their feet. They have left for better working conditions, less harassment (by students and administrators) and for more money in the pay envelope. Maybe good old Buzz should stifle the buzzing in his ears and listen to the concerns of the teachers, parents, and community. And, maybe someone from the press should go out and do a little honest investigative reporting and find the real reasons all these highly qualified teachers have left the building.]

    2) As have been brought up in previous letters, why are hiring policies totally ignored? (The previous letter was in reference to the hiring of the Southbridge Middle High School Principal.)

    3. Why has District has put in place a new, and expensive, level of administration? The salary paid to each of these new administrators equates to two classroom teachers thus reducing class sizes and improving test scores and discipline.

    4. How closely has the district examined the work histories of the people it has put into positions some of these newly created positions? Google some of the names and you might be surprised.

    These are but four questions that will be plaguing the district in the upcoming school year. Is in no wonder that parents are opting for school choice which drains even more precious dollars from the classrooms. There are many other issues that need to be solved ... and 99% of them are not at the student, teacher, or school level.

    1. I strongly encourage you to send this post to the SoundOff of the newspaper.

  9. No news on RG's Court Appearance?

  10. Can anyone tell us what type of "resignation payout" the district is giving Mr. Gaboury?

    The Director of English language learners program resigned with three months pay. She was apparently terminated, then allowed to resign with three months pay. No work, but three months pay - only in Southbridge. And who is filling this void in a program with such immediate needs?

    So how much are we paying for Gaboury to exit? How much have legal fees been since McLaughin and Donovan came into office? How much are the taxpayers going to shell out to pay lawsuits filed by the many "terminated" educators?

    Are we headed for another 3.6 million dollar deficit as we did ten years ago when MaryEllen Prencipe, Lisa Tarantino and LouAnn Laliberte overspent the district budget?

    We are talking about at least high six figure amounts. And Southbridge thought Chris Clark buying a couple backhoes was a waste of money. Give me a couple backhoes any day over these legal fee.

  11. YA know Jack Jovan was on the Sc too during that time! Magically he never gets mentioned or blamed rather just excused by political selection. Basically he was for the the alternative school that caused the deficit before he was against it.


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