Sunday, November 17, 2013

Carpetbagged Again: The Southbridge Soap Opera Continues

Ken O’Brien

As we return to today’s episode, the semi-conscious residents of the whimsical town of Southbridge are victimized by ether waves that penetrate their tin foil helmets.

In contrast to their normal long-term loss of short-term memory the sinister forces of the O’Zone Vandals are beaming recollections of moments past into their vulnerable noggins. 

With characteristic lethargy their memories are compelled to recall that a mere two weeks ago they were awakened to the fact that their unelected overlord, the Town Mangler, CrispyClark, had found a new haven which to inhabit. Soon they would be left to allow a coterie of subjects favored by the first citizens of the long table to conjure a new messiah.

However, little noticed was the fact that the very night his imminent departure came to light, another lurking time bomb was hinted at by Lord Crispy. Such a prospect arose in a brief exchange with First Citizen Vandal near the close of the biweekly show of democratic posturing. Let us tune in on the telepathic feed as it is beamed into the collective crania of the hamlet’s denizens by The O’Zone:

Ahh yes! Just as his foot was inching toward the door Lord Crispy let drop that another fouled Easter Egg was about to be cracked open for his soon-to-be-former subjects. This rancid legacy would be in keeping with the parting gifts left by his predecessors Interim Lord Jack the Heel and His Royal Roundness Clayfeet Carlyle.

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of Carpetbagged Again Monday, November 18 at 7 pm as we approach the dramatic climax of this story arc when the clown council takes up the Presentation of the Landfill, Casella and Tighe & Bond. 

Until then let us take solace in imagining what a bonfire there would be if airport fireworks ignited Mount Trashmore.


  1. My impression was that we changed engineering firms because CDM had revealed that the landfill had 5-7 years of life remaining-this was a little over three years ago.

    Remember the loud blast that was heard two miles away? Tighe & Bond was the firm that was brought in to explain it to the Council & Board of Health without ever mentioning the word explosion.

    Differnt subject, but regarding Dark Clark's recollection of the past. In the formerly respectful "Telegram" it was reported this week that Town Mangler Clark stated that a water main was brought to the Airport at a cost of $100,000. for the benefit of the Airport Operator. Considering that the ground water at the Airport had become fouled with the same contaminants that have been showing up in the landfill ground water testing wells, shouldn't Clark have sought that money from the landfill operator instead of spending insurance money that could have been used to rebuild the hangars damaged by the tornado?

    Now that there will no longer be tipping fees coming from the landfill to pay for the alleged Industrial Park Access Road, will the taxpayers have to pay the payments to Unibank, or will it be paid by the Engineering firm & the Town manager that assured us that Casella was paying for the project? If there is a Bond to burn, that ought to be the one.

  2. I am thoroughly depressed by the drop out rate in Southbridge.
    I’m not referring to our schools.
    I’m talking about the adults who have seemingly given up on trying to affect the politics of our town. Nobody attends council or school committee meetings. I look at the number of people who have visited your site and then see how few have made any kind of intelligent comment. I am stunned by how few people have bothered to vote on as simple yes or no question as whether we should have a mayor.
    No wonder everything is going to hell.

  3. Southbridge had good Town councillors and School committee members few years back but opted for new faces hows that working out for ya Southbridge The new faces dont know Laws governing the council or School committee, by-laws ,conflict of interest laws. Look at the large turnover in employees teachers dept heads, Just put up some decorations flower pots flags and ornamental lighting And all is well with the uneducated voters of Honest town! You all get what you deserve losers!!!

  4. If you care about your water and sewer bill, you might be interested in what’s happening at Wednesday night’s DPW subcommittee meeting. You see, DiPietro Masonry has been making repairs to town sidewalks that have come in under the contract cost requirement. Going forward the TM just wants to set aside funds under a $20,000 contract to pay for future work. Interestingly, a portion of the money is designated to come out of the Water and Sewer Account. Specifically, the agenda item reads “Vote to accept the agreement between the Town of Southbridge and Allan F. DiPietro Masonry for concrete masonry work at various locations in an amount not to exceed $20,000.00. Funding to come from Water & Sewer and DPW current budget accounts.”

  5. I'M sitting watching tonight's town council meeting. I thank God that I lived long enough to say "I told you so". I'm sure that Jack Gatti, John Pulawski, Paul Zotos, and many others feel the same way!

  6. Nikolla ate a mountain of crow tonight. So did all the idiots who ever voted for her. What was her excuse? I believed what I was told and I was too stupid to check it out or to know better? After all the abuse and insults she piled on other people she should be driven out of town on a skateboard covered with runoff from the landfill she championed.


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