Saturday, November 2, 2013

Southbridge School Committee Agenda, November 5, 2013

Southbridge School Committee Meeting

Location: Robert G. MacKinnon Council Chambers, 41 Elm Street

Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

                                                                      Time: 7:00 PM


  1. What is item C. under New Business, "Discussion of letter to the Superintendent"?

    1. The more that I think about it the more confused I am by this. Just what does the committee have to put in a letter that they cannot discuss with the superintendent during a meeting where he is present?

    2. This is part of the problem with the way the committee has operated recently.
      Maybe it’s a discussion of a letter from a third party (parent, union, DESE). The way the agenda item is written I have no idea.
      The same with the agenda item to discuss a draft document on school committee Beliefs, Protocols and Goals. As somebody else pointed out, where did this come from? The new leadership created a new subcommittee on Family & Community Engagement with great fanfare. But where was this subcommittee in the creation of this document. It looks like creating that subcommittee was more an exercise in window dressing reducing transparency, not increasing it.

  2. I have the same kind of question about the item before it. I went through the painful process of watching the video of the October 9 Special Meeting of the committee. Supposedly it was intended to address the goals and expectations for the committee. I tried to find an agenda for this meeting but no luck. Now we have a draft document for the Beliefs, Protocols and Goals. This sure as hell didn’t come out of that Oct. 9 meeting. It was a total bull session. So who wrote this draft document? What does it say? And what does it have to do with reality? We have real problems and these women are writing essays that would probably flunk SAT standards.
    If you can’t deal with the problems that Helen Keller could see stop trying to baffle us with BS.

  3. Perhaps there are secret meetings going on that the public doesn't know about !! How can they come up with this stuff in a week?. These goals and letter should be available for the public to see!!!! Maybe the committee needs a new name like The Southbridge Hide Aways!!!

  4. This is how the discussion on remote participation of school committee members should go .
    No phoning it in. End of discussion.

  5. I will give the School Committee credit in one respect, at least their agenda was posted in a timely manner. It's just before noon on Monday and the Town Council still does not have an agenda posted for tonight's meeting on the town web site.

    On another point, when are both groups going to see that their meeting minutes are updated? The Council's haven't been updated since June 13 and the School Committee since July 2.


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