Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23 - Happy Festivus (Video)

                                           Ken O’Brien

Are you feeling a little left out!? Are you put off by the crass commercialism of Christmas?  You don't celebrate Chanukah. Kwanzaa just isn't your thing. And, you don't even know what Divali or Ramadan is.

Then, come and experience the joy and the miracle of Festivus. One might say that the Festivus holiday is a miracle in itself.

Still not sure if Festivus is for you? It's non-denominational. So, everyone can partake. The Festivus slogan is "A Festivus for the rest of us!" And, that means you, too. So........... 

The Origin of Festivus Holiday:
Festivus came into being as the direct result of a Jerry Seinfled television show episode. It first aired on December 18, 1997. The holiday was promoted by Kramer (who else!?)

The Festivus holiday was created by Seinfeld show scriptwriter Daniel O'Keefe. His dad, also named Daniel, had found reference to an obscure holiday called Festivus, which was first celebrated in 1966.

Festivus Traditions:
It's Fem Clem vs. Kris Krinkle
No, there isn't a Festivus Tree. Rather, an unadorned aluminum pole is the symbol of Festivus.

The Festivus holiday is celebrated with a dinner. Meatloaf is the suggested main course (I betcha can't wait for a slice of that!).

Dinner is followed by "Feats of Strength". 

"You're All Inferior Barnyard Critters" - Stain Nik
Another popular Festivus tradition is an "Airing of Grievances”. This is where you can tell someone how disappointed you are over what they did or didn't do during the past year. 

And so, below we present an encapsulation of the “rebirth” of Festivus as it was bestowed upon us by the Costanza family on Seinfeld.


  1. Happy Festivus to you Ken. I look forward to the manly feats of strength every year, particularly the keg toss and skating with pigs (weather permitting).

    Thanks for keeping us informed all year long.

    1. Thanks Rich. And a Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Happy Festivus! My favorite holiday of the year. I think we should start an "air your grievances" session to the schedule to give every taxpayer a chance to tell the council and the town manager what they think of their performance.


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