Friday, December 27, 2013

Wingnut Carson Coming To Worcester

Dr. Ben Carson
The right loves nothing more than discrediting a progressive voice by being able to label it as coming from Hollywood or academia. But they are quick to cite someone’s credentials when that someone is parroting their favorite talking points.

Such is the case with Dr. Ben Carson who will be visiting Worcester for a much-touted speaking engagement in January. In a previous incarnation he was a widely respected neurosurgeon. With his anti-Obama speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, Carson became one of the right’s favorite new talking heads

As the Worcester Telegram put it in a "news" article that sounded like little more than a fawning press release, “Conservatives are championing him as a potential candidate for president — even trying to woo him with a Dr. Ben Carson For President Facebook Page — and his popularity is spiking after speaking out against Obamacare and education, taxation and other policies that hinder economic growth in the United States at the National Prayer Breakfast last February.”

Here are just a couple of examples of the enlightened rhetoric that have endeared him to our conservative brethren.


  1. It's Herman Cain all over again!!!

    1. Hitting the RESET button !

      Herman Cain was viscously attacked by the left as clearly Ben Carson already has and will be should he run for president.

      Its like he is from Southbridge as the man has ideas to make the government better and the left is threatened and ignoring his ideas.


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