Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Tribute To Student Achievement II

Ken O’Brien

Back On November 20th I posted the first of these pieces that paid tribute to the third and fourth graders who excelled in their performance on the MCAS.

Honors for those in higher grade levels who also excelled on the MCAS were planned for the next School Committee meeting. Regrettably that was twice deferred due to inclement weather. But they are equally worthy of recognition for their efforts. They are also, it goes without saying, an embodiment of the scriptural dictum "honor thy father and thy mother".

In the midst of all the criticism I level at our town and its government, the accomplishments of individual citizens are often overlooked. Success in the academic realm has been all too rare in our school district.

It is therefore with the utmost respect that I am pleased to play the video of the ceremony held at the most recent School Committee meeting honoring the accomplishments of these students. I can only hope that this small gesture will contribute to them being recognized as role models whose efforts and laurels will encourage others among their peers to emulate them.

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